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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

As I am approaching "overweight" stage I am starting to get worried about keeping the weight off. Does anyone have any idea of the sessions that are involved in LL and what is involved with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I am really determined to clear up my addicition to food but not sure where to turn. I am currently doing CD and would really appreciate any help with this and if anyone knows of a book or anything I can buy. Thanks xxx
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Hi Bunny. I started LL on 7th Feb but had to give up 3 weeks later due to an intolerance to the packs - since started CD but with same problem (but that's all another story and in my blog if you're interested).

I really enjoyed the CBT and TA (Transactional Analysis) side of LL and missed it when I came over to CD. CD can be rather lonely as you just pick up your packs and have no real interaction with others on the Plan.

I have kept in touch with other bloggers who are on the LL plan and it really helps my motivation and I also still follow along in my LL Foundation Handbook.

I wouldn't want to out you off CD if it's working for you, but if you feel you DO need the support that the LL counselling sessions can give you then I heartily recommend it. The cost may seem a little prohibitive at £66.00 per week but I actually found that as you abstain from food completely (as in CD ss) then my grocery bills have actually been lower than when I was eating normal food - those fresh fruits and vegetables are quite costly (my bills when on Slimming World were astronomical).

I'd recomend reading the Lighterlife magazine - monthly, £2.90 - as it gives a good insight into the work you do in session.

I hope I have been able to help you.

Chris http://livelifelighter


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I would start off with a good book on Transactional Analysis - have a look round for one that feels readable and light. It is the basis of all the stuff that follows on LL. Once you have the Parent, Adult, Child thing sorted iny our head you can apply it to any and all food situations. It's cool.

I am on CD now but I am so glad I did Foundation LL. If someone had said "Here's your foodpacks, see you in a week" I would have given in at the first craving as I hadn't worked out how the emotional stuff was sabotaging me.

Have a go at TA and see what you think !


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I am really determined to clear up my addicition to food but not sure where to turn. xxx
On a lighter note...you could always have a look at my maintenance diary whilst you decide what you are going to do. Can't guarantee you won't be totally confused by the end of it mind you :D

I think I've cleared up my addiction though:cool:


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S: 14st9lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 34.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
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Hi Bunny, don't quite know what the answer is to your question, am new to this site and LL and CD is somethiing I am taking on board (CD).....help !!!! but my take on CBT - is if you have a negative thought, you re route it to a positive one.........so the urge to have bar of chocolate would be to convince yourself that it is the wrong thought.....and why blow it on a bar of chocolate, I think I am making it sound simple....it takes time to adjust thought etc. Look on line to see if you can research it a little
D Jay
Eric Berne's "The Game's People Play" is a good introduction to Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies would give you the basics of CBT. They are not miracle cures but more a way of understanding errors in your thought processes and how you view relationships(presumabley with food rather than people)

very informative posts everyone, I did CD and often wondered about the therapy, it seems you either love it or hate it. From a cost point of view it had to be CD for me, especially with a family still to feed, however I do wonder if LL would have helped me in the stage of maintaining, one thing I will say though, that which ever you choose, the the support on here is worth a million dollars, I have learnt more on here than I ever would have dreamed of, and its thanks to the support that I am still here now x
CBT and TA are useful tools which can be helpful in changing attitudes towards your eating.You still have to do the work.There are a variety of different techniques which could also help. NLP,Motivational Interviewing,Narrative Therapy and good basic counselling skills would be just as effective.I honestly don't know how in depth the training is of LL counsellors so I can't comment on how effective they are. What I do worry about is that CBT is replacing Person Centred Counselling as the new fashion.The danger is that there will be an outbreak of people doing it badly rather than fewer folk doing it well.

Hi, I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I bought a book recently by Gillian Riley called ' Say goodbye to Overeating' Amazon.co.uk: Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating: Books: Gillian Riley and I'd reccommend it. it's a good no-nonsense approach and I'm finding it to be very relevant. It's maybe not as 'therapy' based as you are looking for, but might be a useful starting point?

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