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Cohens or TLC vlcd


Call me Linzi...
I am new to this website & wondered if anyone has heard of Cohen's 1st personal diet or the TLC diet? If so what did you think?

I lost 7 stone in 4 months on Cohens in 2006 for my wedding then after falling pregnant I've managed to go back to my old ways & put it all back on! :mad:
I am trying to get back onto Cohens but seem to have lost my mojo...:break_diet: the diet was based on my blood results & it totals 500-600 cals per day. I have never felt so great as when on the diet but its sooooooooo boring but I just need to get into the mindset of I only eat to live so it shouldn't matter what I eat should it?

does any of this make sense to anybody?

Many thanks.x
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is going to loose!

I'm also redoing my Cohen's program at the moment for 3 weeks and then onto refeeding for 3 weeks. I completed it late last year and lost 13kilo's I only have about 6 or 7 to loose now and I regained it because I got sick and had to go on steroids and Xmas. Bascially forgot the maintenance rules and also got busy and moved state.

I'm really in the zone and have been half doing the program for 2 weeks now and have got 100% serious as of today. You know as well as I do how great the program is. Only it's a little harder when you dont have counsellor anymore.

However I know the rules and you too, so if your wanting us to get together via minimin's and stay focused etc drop me a line.

I am the only one on here doing Cohen's. Remember how effective it is and that at the end the refeeding and rules are very easy for you to maintain your fab results!

Sorry to be so forceful I just really love the program.



Gone fishing
I know very little about the cohens diet. Though I'm not dieting anymore, I like to know everything :D

I know it's based on your blood type or something? Tell us more though...please :)


is going to loose!
I'll try to make this short, KD.

Your body has it's own chemistry. When your chemistry is out.... hormones or generally the body is not insulin balanced, your body doesn't process food correctly (stores it as fat).

Everyone who does the Cohen's program eats the same food. Depending on your biochemistry, revealed through a blood test, depends on your portion sizes. There is a list of foods to choose from and some very strict rules to adhere by i.e leave 5 hours between meals (so not to mix proteins).

There is 3 parts to the program - rapid fat loss - re feeding - maintenance. You loose about 7 - 10 kilos in the first month, I cant recommend it enough.

Basically these combinations of foods and portions, customized to you, help to recreate the biochemistry and insulin levels in your body. Once you reach your goal weight range you move onto the refeeding, anywhere between 7 - 21 days, based on your last blood test. Your chemistry is now happy!

Then after refeeding you follow some guidlines and rules and carefully monitor how you body responds to old foods (foods not re introduced in the refeeding stage) and you then go on to eating sensibly and normally.

If you find you gain a kilo or 2 you cut out carbs for a day or so until the extra weight goes and carry on as normal.

If you gain between 1 - 4 kilos you should be able to do the rapid part again and in 2 weeks loose this weight. If you gain more than 4 kilos (Cohen's recommend re paying and getting a new assessment of your biochemistry), or have to go on the rapid for longer than the 2 weeks you must repeat your whole refeeding part as well. (this is what I am doing).

I've just made it through day 1 and know that if I can be absolutely committed I be looking fabulous in time for my 30th birthday in July!


Call me Linzi...
Thanks Bren
Your certainly far more knowledgable than I am on this diet my councellor changed to doing the tlc diet so I had no information or any help once I got to the refeed stage (could also be another reason why the weight piled back on!)
I have decided that tomorrow is day 1 again for me & Cohens just need to get past the 3pm need for carbs then I should be ok... found a good Aussie website the has reciepes so hopefully I can make it less boring this time round!
I would love to stay in touch & have support thru this as I really REALLY want to get back to how I was feeling & looking 2 years ago!
Good luck with your weight loss!

Only just noticed your in Oz seems to have a great support network for Cohens over there!


is going to loose!

Would love to stay in touch and I'll give you all the encouragement and tough love approach when you need it.

I beat the afternoon carbs with a black coffee, 1 crispbread and 1/2 an apple stewed with diet sprite (yes that's true) with a little cinnamon and nutmeg. It's delicious!

I'll post later a sample menu of my typical day.



is going to loose!
Bloody hell, today is day 3 so I feel what your saying. Was a little dizzy earlier and had no energy to go to the gym yesterday arvo (it's recommend no exercise anyway on the rapid part).

Yesterday didn't drink much water, very bad only 1 ltr. I found that on this diet I needed 3 to make it drop off. I have eaten an extra 1/2 an apple and 1or 2 extra crackers.

Hang in there and we will do it together, one day at a time!

Remember how good it was when you lost the weight? Think on this and get out a photo that you dont like and one you want to look like.

Stay focused as we are doing this girl.



is going to loose!
How's the day been for you?

I deviated today had and extra 1/2 and apple and 2 extra crackers and ..... 2 sultanas.

Dont feel too terrible about it, but know it was the wrong thing. I'm still feeling thin as the days pass (love that feeling) and the dizziness in the arvo has gone. Still though no energy after work for the gym as insulin levels were very low. Drank 2.8 ltrs of water.



Call me Linzi...
Hi Bren
Your doing really well... hardly tragic deviations!! ;)
I very nearly sucummed to some french bread this morning had been swimming with my baby girl & had serious shakes & 40 mins to go til lunch! Glad I didn't tho as I probably would've gone well I've blown it now I might as well carry on which is my usual habit!
Have planned some steak for tonight which I am really looking forward too its my wedding anniversary today so I will be good but within reason!!
The water I'm doing quite well at I'm just about to start litre 4... looking forward to when the bladder begins to cope with it again! :eek:

Your so right about that thin feeling I feel completely different & its only day 2! Good luck with the rest of your day (although I think you'll be going into your next day now??)



is going to loose!

Into the next day and it's mid morning and I really want milk in the coffee and I'm going to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon and I prepared with an apple and crackers!!! How socially exciting.

Well done on the bread.... very very bad.. milk is nearly that bad.

I have to really get on top of the water about 2.8 or 2.9 ltrs yesterday and today only about 1ltr. Just really busy at school (i'm a teacher) and forgetting to drink it. It's also getting cold over here and I'm craving hot drinks which dont count towards the water.

Do love that thin feeling though and need to keep everything inperspective!



Call me Linzi...
Hey Bren

Hope you had a good time with your friend for coffee... its tough not being able to have just the little things like milk but at least we can have food unlike other diets!

I wasn't so good last night! Was our wedding anniversary I had steak (good) roasted vegetables (not so good) & baby new potatoes (aargh)!! Didn't measure any of it!!

But refocused this morning & straight back on it... I kinda figure that I have to learn how to deal with little blips & just stay motivated!

How are you doing? Hows that water going? Do you drink just plain hot water? Boring I know but at least it counts!



is going to loose!
No I don't drink hot water only tea's , green and white and occassionally chamomile.

Bad news I buckled at coffee and had a muffin I think this blitz's your steak and vege! Really bummed and ate dinner as normal. Water okay today .... 2ltrs. I know should be more but again really busy. Tomorrow is my day off and I will find the time to constantly drink. A day or so of good here and I'll be back on track!

Muffin gave me a little headache and tummy ache, which is the right reaction to this food. Bummed that buckled though. Drinking the green tea like made to flush it out.

Tomorrow will refocus and get back into it. Did you notice that today after having the meal your body is slightly full today but you are possibly ravenious?



is going to loose!
Hey D,

This is what I will do tomorrow;

B - 1 x egg, 80gm vege, 1 x ryvita
MM - mandarin, black coffee
MM - 2 x green teas
L - 115gm fish, 115gm vege
AS - Kiwi fruit and tea
AS - 2 x crackers and Sprite zero
D - 115gm Tofu , 90gm vege and sprite
S - Kiwi and g/tea or black decaf



Call me Linzi...
At the end of the day we should both loose weight b'coz we are way under the amount of calories we would be allowed calorie counting & the juddd diet lets you have a day of not counting! Not ideal I know but hopefully its a mindset thing that we can't have blown it!

Hope you have a good day tomorrow on your day off... I have to keep myself busy so that I don't get bored & think about food!

Haven't been ravenous today but I have been quite sluggish & have now got a bad headache (but that could just be b'coz I've had an afternoon full of preschoolers! managed to stay away from the chocolate biscuits!) Think tho its probably from the carb withdrawal & I expect the potatoes didn't help last night!

Water & food have been good today 'so far' & headaches I can cope with much better than carb cravings!

Enjoy your day tomorrow! x


is going to loose!
Thanks babe,

Headaches are from the detoxing your doing in the first 3 or 4 days.

When I did the diet last year I woke up in the middle of the night day 3 with an awful headache and threw up... was really awful. The migraine lasted for 2 or 3 days. I did though give up coffee with it and was drinking decaf for first 4 weeks. This actually helped with the loss's. Might try no caf for a week.

It's really great to be able to chat to someone else on the same diet


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