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Coke Zero a question...

I've been reading the no no's on zero calorie drinks because of citric acid, however when my sister joined CD her CDC said she could have coke zero because it did not contain citric acid but should limit her intake to no more than 500mls a day and before 3pm! Is this correct?
Her CDC also said she could have volvic flavoured water (I think it was strawberry and kiwi flavour but not certain on that) as much as she wants because it has no citric acid is this also true?

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Now if someone comes along and says Coke Zero is fine my door will be slamming and I will be up at the co-op quicker than you can say... "egg". :)


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Hi Folks :)

Just requested an accurate answer on this for you so a CDC should hopefully be with you soon :D
The party line is that only water (still / sparkling) unflavoured are permitted with black tea and coffee. But some people drink limited amounts of coke zero and other no calorie drinks that dont have citric acid in them

However if you use them, while they may not effect ketosis, they do make many people feel hungry and some people find that it just opens the door to other things that might not effect ketosis and eventually leads to falling off the wagon quicker than sticking to the diet 100%

Only you can decide what is right for you but I wouldnt risk it and urge caution
Ah OK so it technically will not alter the ketosis state and affect the weight loss, however you 'MAY' feel hungry on it which 'MAY' lead to a uncontrollable blip and lead to total fattness again... oh decisions decisions ....


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And the big issue is you don't know if you're going to be one of those people who it leads astray unless you risk it - do you really wanna risk it?!!


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i drank diet coke all the way through my weight loss and it didnt affect me in the slightest, but its up to the individual, sometimes it kept me going as seemed like a treat!


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i drank diet coke all the way through my weight loss and it didnt affect me in the slightest, but its up to the individual, sometimes it kept me going as seemed like a treat!
One of the lucky ones!! :cool::cool: As has been said, some people do it with no problems at all - others find it leads to cravings, etc :(
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I'll be honest....I have had a couple of cans a week as a treat and have been fine,but I find they make me retain water.I think it is best not to have anything but water and black coffee/tea.I think if you are someone who didn't drink it before then def don't,but to be honest I drank litres and litres of the stuff a day so it was a huge thing to give up
I'd be lost without my lunch time Coke Zero.

I have a pack in the morning, a coke zero at lunch time, pack at dinner time and then a bar last thing with a black coffee.

No problems with my weight loss.
I am Armed and dangerous!!!!

I have just been to tesco!
I have just resisted the urge to buy Coke Zero!:party0019:
instead I bought redbush tea (lots of peeeps raving about this on here)
also pure pepermint tea, pepermint and nettle tea, and pure green tea.
then I decided to push the boat out and got some kenyan (lighter coffee) ground coffee and also some esspreso ground coffee for my cafetiere.
Normally I prefer normal tea with lots of milk but I cant stand it without I'll try anything that's allowed!!!
Coffee is not so bad if I add an extra sweetner maybe I'll have to try the tea with a sweetener????....
first swig of pepermint... not so bad!
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
enjoy all your buys
Have to say I have become a real water convert and drink loads...Wish I had discovered how fabulous drinking plenty of water makes you feel
Ah you see that's possibly my problem I have always drunk lots of water usually about 4 pints a day anyway:confused:

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