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Coke zero


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If she is on the 3 shakes a day no I don't think you can drink it as you can only drink black tea and coffee and water. If its the maintance then yes you can drink diet drinks. Xx


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i would love a glass of this right now shame we cant have any ! x


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But why is it not allowed - really?



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You're best trying to just kick all soft drinks, you'll have zero desire to have one in a few days. Its shocking how much better you'll feel just drinking water.

I used to drink a huge amount of coke and its great to finally be rid of the habit of always wanting a can. When I'm finished with Lipotrim I will still drink it but it will be with meals, and then only occasionally.

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It's just not worth it, you will come out of ketosis and feel the hunger all over again. You have to stick with what they say, black coffee, green tea or water. I make my shakes into vanilla coffee for breakfast whisked up in a cup topped up with hot water and same for lunch, then a hot chocolate for dinner all followed with a big glass of water. Try having your water room temp it goes down easier.


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i heard anorexics carry this around because it has NOTHING in it, and if u drink a fizzy drink fast it bloats you


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I think it's important not to have any crutches, it's about taking the pleasure factor out of food and drink. Then you can really address your emotions towards what you put into your body. That being said I too could murder a coke zero at the moment, but I'll get through it!


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i miss coke zero :(


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Can't believe people actually like Coke Zero. I've never taken to any of the diet/zero type fizzy drinks. Mind you, that could be part of the reason why I ballooned up to twenty three and a half stone
:eek: :sigh: Would definitely advise staying away from any drinks that are not recommended whilst on the diet though, it's just not worth risking the set back.



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That's one of the my incentives, stopping drinking so much diet Pepsi!!drink awful amounts