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Coke Zero - Yay or Nay???

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Hi Everyone,
I have just asked this question on a different thread, but thought I may ask everyone elses advice.

Are we allowed coke zero on a vlcd or not?
I have seen some posts which say yes, and some which say no, and am very confused.
Also, if we are allowed it, what is the difference between this and diet coke - how do they effect ketosis?

I am a complete coke addict (man that sounds worse than it is!!), and have actually founf giving up the fizzy stuff harder than giving up food!!

I think if I knew I could have the odd glass, it would help me get my head round this diet big time.

I have ploughed through my first week (weigh in later today) but have missed coke sooooo much.

Just need a definitive answer.
Thank you
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Well. A strange one. I noticed last week I gained a pound one day following a night on coke zero. But I lost quite a lot of weight last week. I was only on the coke for one night.

As a recovering Diet Coke addict, I felt the need to have some, so I compromised and had Zero as I remember on the Cambridge forums people saying it was ok to do this (and others saying it wasn't ok).

And then on Saturday, after weight in, I hade coke zero. And again I gained a half pound on checking the next morning. Although I'm not convinved it causes fat gain, I definately believe it causes water retention.

Diet Coke is a definate no, due to the citric acid in it. Anyone else had coke. Has it affected you??
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really? whats with the citric acid? I assume that I am eating a ton of citric acid (I am adding lots of lemon and lime juice to my fish and chicken every night) I have been maintaining a steady just over a pound lost every day (900 cals a day) will I lose faster if I drop the citrus?


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I am pretty sure citric acid (from lemon limes orange etc has sugar in it as does all fruit, it can take you out of ketosis
S: 29st12lb C: 26st2lb G: 16st1lb BMI: 45.7 Loss: 3st10lb(12.44%)
ahh for low carbing. Yeah I could see that not being good. I am doing calorie counting so sugar is not as critical to me as long as the calories are within my limits.


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i drink coke zero and also sainsburys diet clasic cola as there is no citric acid, it doesnt take me outta kertosis but then everyone body is different, i do however allow my self 1 glass at home but if i'm at a pub then i drink a few cans
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don't do it!!!!

I know this is kind of unrelated to the thread but i just want to warn you dont drink coke diet or zero! It contains aspartame!

aspartame is a BAD BAD chemical - it was denied by the FDA 8 times before it was allowed in food products! It was finally was allowed into foods by the new fda commisioner Hayes (against six scientists recommendations) - and then hayes was investigated for accepting gratuities from related companys, and resigned. It has 92 different negative symptoms including - migraines, reproductive disorders, mental confusion, nervous system disorders, hairloss, BLOATING, FOOD CRAVINGS and WEIGHT GAIN. There is even aspartame victim support groups.

Google it or read 'skinny *****' because it will put you off for life!

Sorry for the rant its just i really am against soft drinks who include this, it annoys me being a former coke addict that i wasnt told!

x x x

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