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Coke zero?????


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Hey everyone, hope everyones having a good day (so far! lol)
Have a quick question. I've been told that i can't have any diet drinks like coke because of the citric acid (or something) but i've noticed that some of you do actually drink coke zero. Is that something that we're allowed to have on SS? Have you found it affects your weight loss at all??
Ray. xx
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I Think it effects people differently, I have had coke zero every day but I am on 790, it doesnt seem to make any difference to my weight loss but I know some people cant have it at all as it makes them gain or takes them out of Ketosis. Mind you some people cant eat the bars either so I guess it is just trial and error. Hopefully a CDC will be along soon to confirm.


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The yellow book does say coke zero is fine - not more than 660ml (1 pint) per day. As cmacca said, it can make some people come out of ketosis so I would try it and see!
I allow myself 2 cans a day and thankfully it hasn't effected my weight loss - it's the eating that does!!!


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Coke Zero can make you feel hungry - it does me!

You can also have the following - all citric acid free

Tesco Diet Cola
Perfectly Clear Strawberry & Kiwi
Morrison's Blackberry & Blueberry

Sparkling or still water with the CD water flavourings added.

Marigold Bouillon (tastes better than the CD Savoury drink) only two teaspoonsful per day!
You can have Perfectly Clear Red apple too, if you can find it. They do both a still or fizzy version.

I love coke Zero, but I'm one of the unfortunate ones who gets thrown out of ketosis if i have more than 1 or two cans a week. My weight loss slowed dramatically when i was having one a day. Now i just have one as an occasional treat and stick to water most of the time.

I really wish i could have a can every day like some people can!! :(


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I think i'll limit myself to one as a treat. As i've only just started i don't really want to throw myself off before i've even started.
Thanks Ladeez. xx


try, try & try some more!
is coke zero any good? I don't know if fizzy juice would blow me up like a balloon right now! (well more so than i am already! ;))


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is coke zero any good?
To be honest i prefer diet coke....coke zero seems to be a bit more like the full sugar one. But then anything would be good for me as when not on CD i drink gallons of diet coke! Anythings better than nothing. (well for me anyway) However, i dont know whether drinking anything fizzy would be a good idea on a VERY empty stomach.

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