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Coke zero

Jo B

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I probably already know what everyone will say to this but here goes...!
So I pre-LL I wouldn't say that I was a massive DC addict but I did enjoy it. The last couple of days we have been out in the garden digging and I would really like a DC. Now I know that I can't have it because of the citric acid and it will knock me out of ketosis - however Coke Zero doesn't have it in it.
So, my dilemma is do I have one? I am quite proud that nothing that shouldn't have been allowed has passed my lips in the last 7 weeks and nor will food make it into my mouth but 1 coke zero?
So reasons for not doing it are; it's not allowed on the programme, will it lead to other things? and I don't really need it. Reasons for; it's hot outside and would be lovely, I want it.
Am trying to rationalise this in my adult state but that rebellious child keeps rearing it's head!
Thoughts please?!
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dont do it - i cant gve you any reasons other than its not allowed lol, and I presume you've posted on here because you want to be talked out of it lol. Youve been so strong so far, go and make yourself a fizzy fruits of the forest and feel proud of your achievements xxx


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I wouldn't. You knew before you started what was allowed and what wasn't and you still went for it. Now you've found something that bypasses the rules apparently and you are tempted. Why jeopardise all the fab progress you've made? Stay strong and resist!
You already answered your won question with the reason not to do it.

Of course its lovely out, and of course it would taste nice. (maybe).

Thats today.

Next week, what if you realllllly fancy just one little square of chocolate. Its jus once, and it would really taste nice.

Then the following week, its a bit of someones PIzza. Just one. Cause it would taste nice.

DO you see what I mean?

This is a strict diet, for many reasons. One, because it works that way. ANother, it is teaching us not to give in to every single desire we have with food.... ;)

7 weeks. Well done. Go the distance. ANd only have to go it once. Have a sip of COke today - who knows where you will be a year from now.

May sound 'dramatic', but it could be the one thing that breaks the good luck and strength you have had so far, and who knows if you'd get back. Just my philosophy. Do LL as it is meant to do, or do another program. :)

Good luck what ever you decide!! :)


...we're sinking deeper.
I agree with BL. Don't do it. It's not allowed - the point of LL isn't to find things that bypass the rules - it's to learn to be strict with yourself and learn self-control.
A little bit today, will and can evolve into more... BL isn't being over-dramatic actually - because the mind is a funny thing...

So don't. Like someone above said - have a cold fizzy Fruits of the Forest with ice in! - to be honest it sounds MUCH nicer than a Coke Zero!
I BL isn't being over-dramatic actually - because the mind is a funny thing...


THank Hon. I just always feel like I come on telling people NO! :eek: And of course, I am onluy suggesting - but I feel so strongly about this diet for what it has done for people like me, and you, and countless others....that if I hear someone wanting to start bending the rules - well - out comes the soap box. :D But I really do feel, if you are going to bend the very specifically designed rules, then maybe this is not the right program for people - and that is not meant in an unkind way. ITs just this diet take UBER committment, if it is to be successful.

Let's face it. We ALL know HOW to lose weight. But LL teaches us how to KEEP IT OFF, but only if we do it right. Otherwise, theres no point, ya know?

See, Soapbox.... :rolleyes::D:wave_cry:

BL that soap box has been getting a hammering recently (and rightly so) lol. very valid points made hun x

Jo B

Full Member
I know and understand - I think I was just feeling sorry for myself at the time. You will be pleased to know that I have not had any coke and nor do I intend to.
BL - soapbox acknowledged and gratefully received! You should never be afraid to tell people what they need to hear, you have been there and done it to a more extreme level than most of us will ever do.
My new mantra: no coke for me!

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