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Cold/flu remedies??


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To be honest, most of the over the counter remedies have a magic instant feel good remedy called sugar. The Sudafeds are all excellent (recommended by my lovely work nurse mentioned below) but chat to a pharmacist about the right one for your type of cold and try to get a tablet rather than a jelly capsule.

Also, I have an amazing nurse at work who tells me all the latest stuff her patients are getting recommended by the Harley Street consultants and they are all being prescribed with saline nasal sprays for snotty sinusy colds at the moment. There's a french one available at Boots - it helps relieve sinus pressure and clears out infection.
i have a home remedies book and heres some of what it says.

  • if we are allowed elderflower tea drink that. (or you can find it in other forms)
  • snort vit c powder - it targets the vits directly at the nasal macosa can stop the virus in its track. be warned it stings abit.
  • start taking vit c 3 times a day
  • take 1 200mg astraglus capsule twice a day.
  • drink lots of water which you will be doing.
  • keep rooms well ventilated
  • this is my fave and i use it you the hair drier set the drier on warm hold it at arms length from your face and breath in the air through your nose as long as you can. aleast 2-3 mins ideally 20 mins
  • wear wet socks to bed it works by drawing the blood to your feet which increases blood circulation. warm your feet first in hot water then soak a thin pair of socks in cold water wring them out and slip them on just before going to bed. put a pair of dry wool socks over the wet ones.
  • sock your feet in a mustard bath (your mustard power in hot water)
  • put boilng water in a bowl and add vicks or olbas oil or something simlar in it and put your head over the bowl with a towel over your head and breath it in.
  • last ones funny it says sex is good for getting rid of a cold .


Nearly there...
Thanks ladies, still smothering today but been sticking a vicks thing up my nose which does help a bit - on the plus side, my appetite is zilch :D and I'm drinking lots of water and my coke which helps - Sauce will not wallow and excuse myself for eating ;)
I'll live, I'm sure x

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