Cold hands and fingers


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Hiya - this is my second time on Lipo - last time I lost nearly 3 stone and I'm determined to do it again (and more ...).

Does anyone else get numb fingers? I'm only on day 2 but already it's kicked in and it drives me up the wall. My whole hands are freezing. Anyone got any advice???
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Yes I had this too on Lipotrim last time. Exercise really helps (if you can bear to do it while you're on LT!)
It keeps the metabolism ticking over big time. Even a fast walk for an hour will help, or 20 minutes, or whatever you can manage.
Best of luck with it.


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My hands also get really cold, my fingernails get a bit purple and everything lol! I bought one of those microwavable bean bag heat things that really helped in the house and you can get little hand warmers that you click to activate and they fit in your pockets when you're going out, they only cost about a fiver, Hope this helps!! xxx


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My socks have a tog rating and I'm always wearing glove, even with the heater on full blast. Guess it's just an unavoidable part of the diet, but as Kate says, exercise helps.

Had my first long walk after Xmas yesterday; really gets the heart pumping (and the weight down ;)).


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I suffer terribly from cold, cold hands, cold feet so much so that I wear a vest a t shirt another shirt then a jumper!. I also go to bed with thick socks and hot water bottles. As said exercise helps a lot. My car was always known as the "fridge" because I always had the air con on cold - now that I have not got my coating of warm fat I am freezing and have the temp up at 25c!!


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My hands are usually cold anyway, but I'm only at the end of day one and they are freezing. I have a microwavable cow that stays warm for a while. Got a feeling I'll be using him.


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S: 14st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 1st5lb(9.18%)
Thanks everyone for the great tips. Am just getting over horrid snotty cold and then ill be back to swimming, Zumba and pilates so I hope I can warm up again! Live the idea.of a hot cow - I wonder whether they do any other hot animals?