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cold medicine?



Guess who's back...?
You can essentially take anything in tablet form - and avoid syrups. If you ABSOLUTELY have to have some cough syrup or something, go to the pharmacy and ask for the stuff for 'diabetics', as this has far less sugar.

Hope you feel better soon chick xx
thanks hon
have dispatched oh on a mercy mission to stock up
Dissolvable paracetamol is ok.. That combined with ibuprofen is usually what's in cold medicines anyway. So you can put that in with that water flavourer that tastes like cold medicine anyway (cant remember what it's called, not sunset orange or fruits of the forest, the other one) and voila.

Get well soon!:vibes:
Hang on ladies be careful here its not anything or anything dissolvable, i found out much to my horror as i thought the same, the dissolvable stuff contains Citric Acid and its not mentioned on the box either you need to go online and look at the website.

You can only take tablets like paracetamol, don risk anything else unless you looked at the ingredients online and not just the box.

When i was ill i took solpadine, said nothing on the box, then looked on line and it had citric acid. I almost fainted, luckily i was not knocked out of ketosis.
That's interesting H, my LLC keeps telling us that dissolvable stuff is the stuff that's ok. Darnit I'm starting to disbelieve anything she tells us, she doesn't seem to have a clue :ignore::doh:!
thanks guys
oh is going to pick me up some sudafed been on their website and citric acid is not listed in ingredients so should be ok
might try the lemsip type thing though really fancy a hot h*ney and lem*n
(sorry kind of food talk!)


Guess who's back...?
Technically Huseyin is right - but they won't kick you out of ketosis - and at the end of the day your health is more important!! My LLC has basically said that pills are always the way forward - some may be better than others - but the miniscule amount of 'badness' in them won't be the end of the world.

Hope the Sudafed knocks you back into health soon! :) xx
Could be the reason i was not kicked out of it, citric acid is definitely a no, no though on the diet.

I just avoid it to be safe im not sure what would have happend if i took three doses of solpadine that day.

PB - i know what you mean there are too many contradictions from LLC's there has to be a central board that can help, after all sombody is responsible for training them.


By the way, as you know there is no cure for the common cold, any of the tablets or medicines you take are for pain relief so plain paracetamol is enough as they are all based on this.

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