Cold weather and wanting to EAT more!


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Is it just me...but I am so hungry!! I am blaming the cold weather, its so giving me the munchies.!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Perhaps its more that I am 'bored' with what I am eating and seem to be eating the same things more or less each day/week (apart from the odd cream cake :) ).

Time for a rethink!! and to rehash my food !! :rolleyes:

Deb x

P.S Good thing I am off shopping tonight.
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I know what you mean and I am only 4 week in to the WW diet. Don't blow it now, you have done brilliantly !


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Yeah, try having a change from you usual every day plan. I often find that if im having the same thing every day i get bored of it and tend to want to eat more (when really im probably just wanting a change)

I think your right about the cold weather though. I tend to want to snack more too when the weathers like this :(


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A couple of us in the office have noticed we're hungrier! Maybe because it's so cold, our body is having to work harder in order to keep us warm, and so therefore is using more energy? I'm no scientist but I think that explanation makes sense.

Try posting in the "What Have You Eaten Today?" thread - the fact that I'm posting in that makes me rethink everything I eat, so I'm not eating the same thing every single day. It's similar, but not exactly the same.


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Definately hungrier in the cold weather, want all the warming stews and puddings. Pure comfort food.


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I've been much hungrier than usual today, watching the snow fall outside my window and only just getting warm really.

Am on 19 points and haven't had my evening meal yet so looks like today is going to be another one to forget...hoping for a better start tomorrow.

Didn't help that Hubbie bought some chocolate for me (without my asking) saying 'well you'd have asked me to get some tonight and I didn't want to go out in the cold' if it wasn't for that i would have been within my points grrrrr.



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Me too...need stodge to keep my central heating going..i'm only allowed 18 points a day and its hard to save enough for the evening munchies! Oh well hopefully it'll be warmer soon and we'll be busy doing more absorbing/active things instead!