Get to slinky again and staying there ......

A rather satisfying 45lbs shed today - 3 stone 3lbs. A 3lb whoosh in 5 days while eating well. Today, I will break fast after turnaround. l definitely find it easy to eat late on days when l am cleaning etc.

We only offer single nights when there are vacancies between bookings at this time of year. So it's rare to have two single night guests in a row - but we have have another one nighter tomorrow as we had a cancellation of a two day booking. l get good and sweaty, bedmaking, laundry, dusting, hoovering and mopping - so it not only helps me fast longer, it's good exercise.

A great week weight loss wise. A daily whoosh apart from today (up one pound from my new low daily weighing yesterday - maybe all that salt from the sunflower seeds in the shell.).

l am 272.4lbs - 19st 6.4lb. That's 4.2lbs down for the week - 46.2lbs (3st4.2lb) shed - 14.5% - in 26 weeks.

Higher protein (check it out here, getting a sweat up cleaning the Airbnb and delaying my break fast (16:8 or more) is working well.

l never thought l'd still be here 6 months on - eating well and on track without an external meeting or medical encouragement.

So if you are lurking on this site - stop it! Register, post here daily, join a challenge and start your 50lbs (or whatever) weight loss tracking.


So the next landmarks for me will be 15% of starting weight shed, getting into the 270s, into the 18s and the next 3.8lbs to get my first half century (50lbs) done.

This is the first week, l've felt different. Lighter. Still in size 24 jeans. My 26 jeans are so loose they are nearly falling down. l will retire them.

There are 14 weeks left this year. So at 1 to 2lbs a week, that wll be another 14-28lbs - 1 to 2 stones. Will that take me into size 22 jeans? I hope so.

250lbs by Xmas, maybe.

l hope my upper arms slim some - as they are big and so although I have some new size 22 tops that fit, there are some size 22s in my wardrobe that won't fit as my arms are too fat, and l am a long way off the size 22 trousers & jeans l have.
So up a bit - which seems a pattern when l have a new low. So after a couple of pounds up l am less than lb up. So l am wondering what my weeks results will be on Monday. l can never predict when and why l have a whoosh.
So up a bit - which seems a pattern when l have a new low. So after a couple of pounds up l am less than lb up. So l am wondering what my weeks results will be on Monday. l can never predict when and why l have a whoosh.
It’s strange isn’t it. You can struggle and stay on track and gain. Then just out of nowhere woosh
Doing my stats for the Team 50 thread always helps me see progress. Because l daily weigh, I can miss progress. l'd ticked up last week and certainly didn't think l was 1.8lbs down for the week - in 27 weeks or 4500 hours. That takes me to 270.6lbs 19st4.6lb, more than 1/3 of my target lost.

48lbs shed (3st 6lb or a satisfying 15.07%). I am astonished to be just 2lbs off my 50lbs Xmas goal by Xmas. 82.6lbs more to goal. I continue to eat well. l've lowered my fat intake and eat more protein and am clearly burning the fuel stored on my body. My 24 jeans are feeling looser - but not yet at size 22s.


So the next landmarks for me will be getting into the 260s, into the 18s (can l get more than 4.6lb gone in the next 2 weeks?) and with the next 2lbs will get my first half century (50lbs) done.
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Ali you are rocking this!

I'm so happy that you've found a sustainable lifestyle approach and you've got these clear and achievable goals, brilliant!

I'd love to hear what some of your menus are like hun as/when you have the time xx
Thank you. l post what l eat (sporadically) here rarely make puddngs or baked goods. l think last time l did low carb, l ate too much in sweet goodies. I reckon total calories matter - and sweet stuff means l eat too much. l did the KICK (Keep It Consistent Keto) online from Mark has a sensible practical approach. l don't weigh or count - but know that mostly l am below 20 carbs.

Occassionally (very rarely), l've had an alcoholic drink. Last week, I had some ordinary scones l'd baked for a visitor. l was going to make some low carb ones as well but ran out of time. l use some carrot in my cooking. l use leeks, spring onions and occassionally onions. Sometimes, l have a bar of dark chocolate in the house. lt's dark enough that l am not compelled to eat the lot. The thing l miss most is sourdough bread!

I ate more fat when l started - which was good as it kept me satisfied. l've seen the recent research that maybe the results from keto are more related to the protein that good fats. So l have increased protein and lowered the fats l eat and have got good results the last 3 weeks.

l still eat fat - but take more care about how much butter (or cream or mayo) l use when cooking or making egg mayo - a staple of my diet! l avoid seed oils - so make my own mayo. I use the bottled mayo for Mr AG who has a compromised immune system and use stick blender mayo made wth light olive oil for myself.
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Thanks Ali that's really useful.

I'm already signed up to KFC - Day 5, and 5lb down so far. Very happy with it - and i agree with you re the sweet treats, I think I would lose precisely zero pounds if I tried any/all the cakes and things that KFC members post on the website!

And ditto on the more protein less fat approach, I find I prefer that - and still feel really full! I got some Montezumas 100% chocolate, can't say I;m loving it but it's there if I feel like I need a square - and when it's gone I'll go back to 85% for my evening treat.
So the puff pork rind makes good crumbs - blitzing in batches. I used my spice (coffee) grinder. l think a bigger food processor would be better - and also easier to clean.

The Team 50 losses really underlines how every step forward builds on progress. It's important for me this week as my loss is just 0.6lbs. Cumulatively, that would be 2 stone in a year - so all losses are good losses!

I wasn't sure I'd have a loss as I've had a very eaty week. My weight has fluctuated 3-4.5lbs in the week into 269 and higher. I often have big fluctuations on daily weighing. I am quite arthritic and the oedema has been hurting at the mo so I'll be retaining fluid.

I wasn't tracking my fasting - but I also often ate before midday this week. Not sure why as usually I don't feel like eating until well after midday.

I also had highish calories, and for me, high carbs (maybe between 50-100g?) and fats as I ate a lot of almonds and hazelnuts and a few packs of the pork puffs. I kept to protein and didn't make sweet treats.

I don't have a mobile at the mo - but when I do have one again, I think I will start tracking fasting hours again. I will also decide which tracker to use and have a period tracking my food. Any recommendations welcome. I'm not a natural weigher and tracker. I like the weekly ritual of reporting in here on my results.

I'm at 270lbs - 48.6lbs shed (3st 6.8lb) 15.32% gone.

So that leaves 1.4lbs to my goal of 50lbs by Xmas & 82lbs to goal. ln 5lbs at 52.3lbs shed, l'll have lost 40% of my target.

I'm still in size 24s jeans - which are looser, and have some stretchy size 22 tops. I have a different make size 22s jeans in my wardrobe - which seem smaller sizing. So these will be getting a lot baggier before I can fit the 22 jeans. I think I am losing more from my torso than my thighs/calves/arms. My arms are very big - so I can find the right size for my arms is a size too big for my torso. I have a bright red tesco jacket in the wardrobe that's too tight on the arms which I try on hopefully each week..... it'll be perfect for the autumn.

So next onwards into the 260s, the half century, the 18s and 16% of starting weight gone.

I use zero tracker on my phone. I use the free version and it has various fast times you can put in and logs all your fasts and tells you how many hours you have fasted in a week, month or year. Longest fast etc. It also gives you achievements for longest streaks. You can log your weight too. There is a paid for part of it but I haven't bought it and it is fine on the free bit.

You have done so well so far. Well done :)
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You are doing brilliantly AliGal!

And I'm with you, I love pork scratchings but think I'll continue to buy the ready made pork panko, I can see (now you've pointed it out) that bashing a bag of scratchings would make a real mess :).
I felt like I had lost weight and even might have had a whoosh this week. But the scales were up 0.8lbs yesterday. arthrtic aches and fluid retention. I am 2.2lbs down over night which just shows how arbitary the scales are on the weigh in day - 274 to 270.8lbs.

Loss today over past 7 months is 3st5.8lb So that's a nice round 15% of my starting weight.

I still feel very inflamed and arthritically achey this am so I'm still retaining fluid this am.

0.8 bs to goal on 50lbs done by Xmas, 4.9lbs to the 18s and 8.2lbs to shed to get to 4 stone.

Maybe I can do 5 stone by Xmas.
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The scales can sure jump around like no one's business - and we retain water for lots of different reasons too so it's a right old minefield at times!

But overall look at just how brilliantly you have done - that's a great loss, and to be celebrated xxx
Annoying. Offical check in and I'm 0.2lbs above the 50lbs. So it looks like next week will be the week!
A good loss this week. Down 4.2lbs. Annoyingly it was 5.8lbs down yesterday - but today on weigh in, I am 0.2lbs short of 50lbs.

268.8lbs 49.8lbs 3st7.8lb (15.63%) so 0.2lb to the 50lbs goal by Xmas. 2.8lb to the 18s. 1 stone 6.8lbs to 5 stone.



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Ywp, still an amazing loss