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My husband = My hero
Window open???? its bloody christmas outside!!

Tell her ur not well and u need it closing asap haha

Haha she knows im well tho tut!!!
Im covering the reception at 1 anyways and its roasting there (although i think its freezing and have goosebumps to prove it lol)


My husband = My hero
Lol im in reception now hun covering for anhour... i havnt taken my coat off once today and iv got a cardy on under that and a long sleeve dress under that. my hands are like ice!!

and everyones callin me neche

not my fault haha - try not to moan about bein cold tho cos kick starts them moanin about how crap my diet is an how im guna pile it back on

blah blah

guan bring a sneaky hot water bottle in at this rate hahah


My husband = My hero
I got 2 gorgeous ones from New Look at the weekend... (size 14 might i add)


but yeah peacocks has some lovely stuff, went in last week tho an it was a mess... r u goin to the one in town?



My husband = My hero
lol knwo the feelin, least its sunny!

am guan go for a wander into town me self in a bit!

have a look in Peacocks hun, buti wasnt overly impressed last week...

The cold is wat gets me too, i used to be boiling all the time!!
How you gettin on with ya shakes today miss claire??

Hey Lauren check u!! size 14 eh!! Its amazing this diet!! xx


My husband = My hero
see ye later sweetness! stay away from food!!

may, thanking you! feel fab! shrinkin by the day!! feelin any better about sittin on the floor yet hunni?? hows the cartwheels comin on? hehe xxx
I lost 2lbs this wk!! Even thou i have been very bad!! So im shocked and it will inspire me on!! When i get to Turkey hon, they will see me sitting gracefully on the floor!! getting up without my hands and balancing on my toes!! Still cant cartwheel tho!! Maybe when im a size 14 eh!!

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