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Colon Cleansing Anyone?

I have been thinking about the documentary "Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses" and quite envious of the colon cleansing enemas that they do.
Have now researched the coffee and the garlic enemas. Apparently over 70% of us have up to 15lbs worth of crap in our colons and often containing horrible parasites etc...

I have taken a colon cleansing drink this morning - just feel the need to have a good clear out, but the enema sounds just up my alley (excuse the punt):p

Has anyone done/tried this?
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I haven't, but I read an excellent article about it on the Times website once (although a quick search has turned up nothing, it must still be there somewhere).

The thing which stuck with me the most is that the journalist's accompanying thirtysomething cameraman finally passed a marble he'd swallowed... when he was four years old!

I have been for a few colonic irrigations along with coffee enemas (to cleanse the liver) & I cannot reccommend them highly enough. People can actually have 5-25lbs of waste inside of them which produces toxins into the system which can leave you feeling tired, sluggish etc.
They can also help with weighloss too!
I found a good site with registered therapists. One of the 2 near me has a website that looks really good. Also carry out food allergy and intolerence tests. I might have to give them a call and see if i can get a price over the phone. Always wanted to know what food sensitivities I have, I suspect cheese as I crave it at times.
I bought a product last week that is for Colon Cleansing. Natural product - any heath food shop will have this - contains Phylium husk.
Worked like a bomb - was surprised what was coming out! EEEEEK

Only did it for 3 days as per the recommendation.

Got my enema bucket sorted - going to do it myself tomorrow. Looks really easy. I've got the colander etc on stand by - ha ha ha :p I've researched it quite a bit now and think it is perfectly do-able at home by yourself.

Will report back tomorrow afternoon..... watch this space!;)

Right, so maybe not a topic you want to read while eating your cornflakes, but I have done the deed and it as super easy and stress free.

I made up the garlic water (can email recipe if anyone interested) for garlic enema - to release parasites etc in the colon.
It was a simple process but had to interrupt with a urgent dash to the loo.
Second round was easier and less urgent.

Outcome: Hardly anything in the colander!:ignore: A few bits and pieces but nothing like a long lost marble, coin or tape worm! :)

I suspect that there was little because I did some colon cleansing last week. My diet pretty much consists of food types that cleanse in any case.

Weighed myself beforehand.
Total loss after enema - 2lbs 1 oz.

In general, I think this is a great therapy to clean any blockages ie. constipation. My system seems cleaner and this is definitely going to be something I do once a week - especially after weekends when my food intake is more relaxed.

So if you have been thinking about this - I'd say GO for IT! It's a stange sensation but quite enjoyable. The water does not gush into your system, but is rather is slow process that will not make you jump.

Any questions, ask away - can give advice but not too keen to hold you hand in the process!:p


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