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Hey everyone,

Well came bak after a 2 hour Colonic only meant to be an hour!!

It was good took a while to get things going and without TMI it all happened!!

I weighed myself before and after and I hadnt lost weight but the lady said I would be holding water so fingers crossed for a decent WI tomorrow even though I have cheated all week!!

Well today has been 100% althou only 1 litre of water because my stomach couldnt take it after my gall stone probs last night!!

My tummy has de bloated itself havent got a tape measure to measure how many inches I have lost if any but il find out tomoz at 10!!

Anywway I reccommend it to everyone!! Feels great, althou quite hungry afterwards which isnt good on SS but hey I will just go to bed!!

I will come and let u all know the damage tomoz morning.

Anna xx
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Queen of the Damned
Sounds good - hope all goes well for your weigh in Anna :D
Yay glad it went well ;)!!!! *Ahem* I know this is a really stupid question but is it really very invasive? I mean, obviously it is rather invasive :eek: but, well what's it like???!!?? Do you feel so much lighter after?

And WELL DONE for sticking to CD 100% today that's brillliant :D

Good luck tomorrow with your weigh in, let us know how you get on, I will keep my fingers crossed for you hun.

Well done once again, take care,
Sarah x


Bye bye bellies!!!
I have booked a colonic for next week. I suffer from bloatedness and a bit of IBS. To be honest I really want a good clear out and some weightloss would be fantastic. Are you going back for more sessions or is one enough?
Hey Sarah and Andi,

Im not sure that you will have much weightloss after being on CD andi but it does help with bloatedness, My extra inches have gone and I managed to squeeze back into my size 16's again!!!

Sarah the thing that goes in is about the size of the tip of ur finger so it wasnt that bad to be honest and then u lie on ur back with ur knees bent and thats it the water goes in and comes back out! Unfortunately for me cos I was so blocked up it all wanted to come out at once and the tube wasnt big enough!!! But she was lovely and didnt let me get embarassed.

I will prob go back again after a couple of months just for a general clear out.

I bought physilum Husk now so will use that in my shakes and hope I will start going regularly!!

Def something to do though girls this morning I feel great and just clean and empty!! My tummy hasnt felt this good in ages!!!

Sorry to anyone for TMI!!

Anna xx
Hi Bo

Thanks for the interesting thread, glad to hear you had a positive experience, im def starting to think about it now! A question: How regularly should we expect to go on SS? I thought because of it being a liquid diet we wouldnt really have anything to pass? sorry if this is TMI but i havent been since Sunday and am beginiing to feel slight discomfort but to my mind if nothing is going in then surely nothing will come out?! sorry i feel a bit embarrassed asking but could you enlighten me! I was thinking of getting some Dulcolax today anyway.
Hi Ings,
When the Cambridge Fibre 89 worked I went every other day it isnt anything huge but its just enouhg to keep the discomfort away!!
Maybe leave it another day or so before Ducolax I dont really like taking them cos they give me stomach cramps. Try Senokolt first they r better I think.

Anna xx
Ok thanks! funny that you mention senokot, cause i actually have some at home i was going to take one last night but started getting paranoid reading the ingredients on the box! wasnt sure what was what and if it was any cause for concern - i think its got maize starch in it! I have heard icky things about dulcolax so am a bit reluctant and also why should i cough up the dough when i already have senokot!

Thanks for the advice

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