Colonoscopy - anyone had one?


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i have them regularly due to having crohns, i assume he has the prep he has to drink today? just ensure he is relaxed, the dr should give him a mild sedative (my dr do now) and its over before you know it.


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Thank you, that is reasurring. He is to take the 'kleen prep' today and be at the hospital for 1.30pm tomorrow. How long is it usually from getting there to leaving? Just wondering as I feel anxious about all of it really.


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over the years i've had many colonoscopies, i suffer from ulcerritus colitis the best thing to do is relax, (if you can)if relaxers are offered take them, sometimes you are offered a local it does help. hope all goes well :)


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Hi Barb.. hope the procedure went ok..I had one done a few months ago,and never had any bother.. Hope if was the same for your dh

best wishes..x