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I just love this programme i think i may be addicted to it they had a CDWM day on saturday on one of the dicovery channels and i was in my element !! :D :p

Am i alone in this strange fascination i have with this programme ???????

If so then pretend i never said anything :eek: lol !!!!
I love it too Julie, it's fascinating although i don't get to see it often enough!!! I'm getting sky installed on sunday though so which channel is it on there???
Hi Julie,

I'm intrigued now!!! What's it about and what channel as well?
It was on discovery realtime on saturday although i don't know if its on there every day it was good on there because you get to seem them back to back !!!

I try to watch the ch 4 episodes every day this weeks contenders are really mis matched there could be a punch up b4 the weeks out lol!!!

It's nice to know i am not the only one watching it !!! :eek:
Right:) ...have set my recorder as i don't get home until 6pm mon-fri.

I'm going to have a look through sky progs as well before bed and see if I can find some info. A good punch up would be worth getting home early for!!!!:eek: :D
Julie, that old woman on this weeks program looks as mad as a box of frogs. I'm gonna miss it tomorrow as am in London for a few days.... i'm lucky if i see it once a week ;o(
Hey Karen, they really are a strange group this week usually they kind of pair off but none of these people seem to like each other mind you i think i would be poised to punch the uber confident pole dancer who has the perfect life !

(I think she may possibly be a dude under all that hair !)

Did you see the clown and her medicine cabinet of marbles where do they find 'em !!!

Well today was a little bit tame i now think that on friday they are gonna put the clown on a spit !

Why would you go on a dinner party programme when you dont like deserts ???
Surely it wasn't totaly unexpected and she doesn't like any food OMG :eek: !

I woud be so cross with her as they all seem to be getting !
I saw it on Monday m8 with this bizarre clown woman! Chilli in chocolate !! I mean COME ON!!
I am not saying I've got a problem with it but I have it on permanent record setting and save them up all week and watch them in one go! Damn, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this program, and am taking some tips for fine dining once I can eat again!

I have it set on sky plus and watch them all at once!

Maybe we should do a come dine with me minimins one day!
OMG, what a fantastic idea! I'm in! Not till I am slim though, lol!
I'm going to have to check it out.. can't say I've seen the program before