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Come on people!


One last chance
Lately I 've noticed again that a lot of people are starting to give in, starting to feel sorry for themselves and putting themselves down by showering themselves with negativity.

From the very beginning, you were told that this diet is not for the faint hearted. It is a very tough diet and tip my hat off to all you amazing people out there who are still going at it.

First thing I would like to say is, is stop telling yourself that you can't do it. You can. Yes it's hard to give up food, you miss it, I miss it too.

But let me ask you, and ask yourself this:

What do you want more?

To have the body you always wanted or food which will always be there until the end of time?

My little sister is 15 years old. She is a food maniac, put biscuits on a table, rather than have 1-3, she'll eat the whole packet in one sitting.

She told herself, she wants to lose weight, she's sick of the breathing difficulty, the pain in her legs when she walked, the difficulty of getting up from her bed every morning but most of all, she was sick of having to face ridicule every single day as she left the front door, the people staring and the quiet wisecracks. I too have faced this since I was 5, sometimes when I was younger.

If you really want to lose the weight as bad you say you do, then please, be strong.

Yes the headaches hurt, the hunger pangs keep punching you in your gut screaming 'Oi! give us some nosh will ya!'

It does get better.

So remember people:
Lipotrim works
You lose weight
It works.

But most importantly
You can do it.

Keep drinking water.
Keep yourself busy.
There are so many supportive people on here, if you're losing hope. Please sign on, and remember what I have written, and the support and advice of others on here.

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Hear hear ..... here here??? (never sure which but you know what I mean :))

I don't even read threads that seem to have anything to do with cheating/picking/'starving'/craving or join in on any virtual pubs or restaurants. I apologise if this seems unsupportive but I'm just not thinking about food for this (relatively short in the grand scheme of things) journey.

I have to buy and prepare it for other people and I do this with pleasure for them that I am providing their nutrition - I then provide myself with my own in the form of a shake, soup or flapjack and leave them to it.

It's a few weeks/months out of the whole of my life and I'd rather do it once and do it right than have to keep stopping and starting.

Just mho xx :)
You said it all Yasmine, and you and your sister are truly inspirational. If I can do Lipotrim, (and I SO relate to eating the whole packet of biscuits...hot X buns, multipack choc-bars in one sitting) ANYONE can who wants to be slimmer MORE than anything.

So come on all you lily-livered, weak-minded moaners out there, get your a** into gear, the summers nearly here and you CAN DO IT!!!!!


Here we go again!
Couldn't agree more.

If we can only sacrifice food for a little while we will all get to our goals. It will all still be there when we finish and as along as we have things in moderation we will be OK. Good thread Yasmine.


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Yup Yup - well said yas :)
yes well said, just remember all the times u opened the wardrobe and stood there saying 'what can i wear' 'i don't want to go 'cos i've nothing to wear, or nothing that fits' !!


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Great thread Yasmine!
I don't understand why anyone comes on this diet and then cheats - if that is your approach then LT really isn't the diet for you.
Of course it is tough, but your not going to get such great and sustained losses without a few drawbacks are you?
As much as I have been hungry/tempted I would never give in - I'd feel like I was letting myself down. And I would be.
Yasmine you are such an inspiration - and your sister :)


One last chance
Thank you everyone.

I just hope those who are finding it hard will take this advice throughout their journey.


One last chance

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
round of applause yas well said u and your sis are great inspirations xx
WOW you have just stopped my belly rumbling lol

What an inspirational speech & feel free to keep kicking my ass cos I wanna be thin more than anything :)



One last chance


One last chance
I'm only on day 1 but found this really inspirational :)
Oh well done on starting LT! and welcome to the club! :hug99:

How are you doing hunny? I'm glad this thread was of some help.


One last chance
WOW you have just stopped my belly rumbling lol

What an inspirational speech & feel free to keep kicking my ass cos I wanna be thin more than anything :)

LOL cool.

I'm going to highlight what you said in that post:

'I wanna be thin more than anything :)'

Be sure you mean that babes :), well done :hug99:


wannabe yummy mummy
Oh well done on starting LT! and welcome to the club! :hug99:

How are you doing hunny? I'm glad this thread was of some help.
It's not been too bad, I've had 3l of water already, am going to have soup in a min and still got a chocolate shake left, which I'm gonna have hot at bedtime, I sooo can't wait til this time next week, I'm totally focused on numbers on the scales going down! :gimi:
Very inspirational! ^^
I've got say I am feeling like giving up this week. I've struggled to eat everyday because of the damn flapjacks (I have to break them up into little bits and swallow it with my shake). I've lost barely anything this week because I'm not eating enough. Got my weigh in tomorrow and I'm not expecting much. Felt really bloated all week. I can't wait to switch to just shakes tomorrow!

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