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Comfort Plus? Are they actually part of Pro Points?


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So I'm a little confused? I've read in a few threads about Comfort Plus foods which have a set amount of points for a satieted portion of certain foods. So when you're out for a meal and not able to weigh you count x amount of points for that particular item regardless of size (making sure you don't overeat for the sake of it, just eat til satisfied).

I've had a look on the eSource and can't find a thing about it? The only thing online i've been able to find is a link to a dutch site where they also seem to do Pro Points which explains it but i'm suspicious since I can't find a thing on the UK site about it? Even in the eating out portion tips section which would seem to be the logical place to put it!

I'm going out for a meal tonight and I've just spend ages going through the menu and trying to find 'average' portion sizes so I can attempt to point it up. I don't mind using my points for the full lot but I'm very bad at estimating so it would be brilliant if it was actually true on the UK version.

Here's the link to the Dutch website but please don't follow the advice incase it's not applicable to us
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Hi there Lucky, I would like to know as well. I am in the U.S. awaiting release of the new plan on November 28th. Here we get set points, which are the same as the comfort points you are describing. I am hoping the new program will still have them. They are very convenient when you are eating out or just can't measure food.

I'm pretty sure if the U.K. Propoints plan has them, we'll get them here as well.

I did post on the U.K. official Weight Watchers forum, and someone said they do not have them, but maybe they just didn't get them yet. Here in the U.S. under our current plan, we had to wait six weeks to get the set points (comfort points) booklet.

I hope someone can answer our question!
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There was no mention of this at all in my meeting yesterday.

I don't know whether that's just because they don't want to mention it so soon after introducing the plan because people might overdo it and have small losses or gains and give the plan negative feedback or because it's not part of the plan in the uk, though.
Thank you Slimbecca. Hopefully someone will post with the answer. I think you are right. We had to wait six weeks to get any information at all about them here in the U.S. I am hoping both the new U.K. and U.S. programs will have them.


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There's a lot of confusion about Set Points at my meeting. We once had a 20-minute discussion about how many Points to count for salmon, because a fillet was 9 Points and the Set Points was 5 or 6 and Highliner had packaged frozen fillets that were only 2, yada yada yada. I don't really use Set Points, but I might start with the new program until I've mastered the math.
Rachel, does the new Propoints have set points (comfort points)? I used them a lot and will be very disappointed if they are not part of the new plan. I know if the U.K. plan has it, we'll get it too over here. Are you doing the new U.K. Propoints plan? Thanks.


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Hi bestlife! I'm still on Momentum for the next 3 weeks until the new program rolls out. Are you in the US or Canada? I started a special thread for North Americans. To quote Bob Barker, "Come on down!"
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I'm pretty sure that they aren't part of the new plan. I remember seeing something about it when I first started eSource this morning, but as I never used them I didn't pay much heed.

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