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I recently swapped over from CD to WW, have lost 5 stone with LL then changing to CD which was very hard, i changed to WW just because i had had enough and needed food. Thing is i started WW but have just found it so hard to stay on track, i really need to lose another 2 stone before the new year so that my GP will refer me for a tummy tuck, so thats it i am coming back,lol. Have enough shakes for about 2 weeks so after that will have to get in touch with CDC, do you think she will be ok about it i am nervous to phone her in case she is offended that i went over to WW. What do you think maybe i should start a fresh with a new counsellor as well? To be honest i never got much out of my old one, she was a nice woman but we met in a carpark half way between me and her and she would give me the food paks i would hand over the money and that was it she never weighed my or anything so i was abit disheartened actually.

Anyway i look forward to catching up with all the posts on here and i am sure i shall be using the boards loads from now on to keep me on track lol. By the way i start tomorrow.

Lots of love Busy XX
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Is there another CDC you could change to? There are new ones being registered all the time. I don't think i could have a CDC where i just bought the packs in a supermarket.
Irene xx


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Welcome Back! I think WW is great for maintaining weightloss but I find for loosing weight, there is too much temptation. I was fine during the week - but come the weekend, I wanted to eat for England! Good Luck x