coming off of cd


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I have a friend who is doing cd and is just going to stop and start sw or atkins. I have said that she should work up slowly.

Anyone done this and not put on or any advice i can give her, she doesn't post on here as she doesn't own a pc (funny girl)
I'm not a CDC so can't really advise - but what a shock to her system this could be!

If she goes on SW and hits the green days, her body will be flooded with carbs and there will be an almost guarenteed weight gain as her glycogen stores refill.

Atkins is a ketogenic diet so technically she should still be in ketosis doing it but there's a chance she won't be getting her full quota of vitamins and minerals (one of the down sides of Atkins).

Maybe SW 'red' days would be the better option - but I think you're probably right that any change should be gradual and managed. A CDC would be better to advise here: hopefully there will be one along soon.:)
Oh she definitely needs to re-introduce food slowly, that's why the management/maint programs were designed. Her body's metabolism needs to be brought back to the base line rather than the starvation mode it's been in since doing the diet.

She WILL put weight on if she doesn't follow the re-feeding plan.
I am going to print this out and show her, i think she thinks i am lying to her

Thanks girls.
Thank you for backing me up i have convinced her not to give up straight away and she is now looking for a cheap pc so she can get online and join us (aswell as other things)