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Coming off step 2

Well the cold has finally got the better of me.

I have decided to come off Step 2 and hit Step 3.

I am assuming that I will no longer be in ketosis and therefore feel warmer ?

Sinned tonight for the first time in 12 weeks, had 2 bars - I am sure it was the cold driving me to eat more.

Anyone any advice on moving to Step 3 ?

Only 10lbs to go until goal, don't think I can stick Step 2 until I get there.

The plus point in changing now is that I will be able to Step 3 for 2 weeks and Step 4 for a full 2 weeks prior to going on holiday.

Any help/advice appreciated.
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Nick - do you recommend moving to Step 3 ?
You have done fantastic !!!
Have you done ss or have you done the other plans, you have had great weekly losses.
Respect to you
Sarah - I have 790ed all the way to date.
I am thinking about doing that, My body seems to take the scenic route and then have a mad loss plus I had a bad day yesterday 1st major one and I have struggled to ss today.
Your weekly losses have been very good so I may have a try.


I can do this.
Leehal, u have done so well.. with only10lb to lose it won't take long on any step. well done.
Hi ya,:)

Yes I think go onto step 3 if you are that close to your target. You are moving up the programs properly. well done for getting to see the target in the distance. Its still a weight loss program so go for it. When you get there then move up again and then maintenance.
Go with your plan for the holiday and drink and eat healthy where you can. Drink lots of water that will help.

Well done mate keep up the good work.

Nick :)
Thanks for all the advice, thanks Nick for specific Step 3 info,
leehal... I cant tell u how much i hate reading your posts cos when i see how much weight u lost on 790 it makes me green with envy! its so unfair lol
but good on ya mate... im on day 6 of SS and im serious thinking going 790 from week 2 onwards. if i had weight loss like u id love it... i just think its a shame with only so little way to go ur thinking on changing... if i lost the weight u had and done so well and impressed do many people with ur will power and weight loss... id just stick with it for a few more weeks and then its over.. done.. and life will b normal again.
Well I had :-

Breakfast - boiled egg, slice of granary bread with flora

Lunch - Shake, bag of salad with dressing

Mid afternoon - 1/2 CD bar, plum

Evening - Chicken breast with curry powder, 100g of low fat cottage cheese (I don't have milk), bag of salad and 40g of pasta, 90g of grapes

Late - 1/2 CD bar

Drank my usual 5 litres of water at work, few cups of black coffee, 2 cans of coke zero (very daring).

Went quite well, I feel alot warmer, not sure when I came out of ketosis.
Bit worried, haven't felt hungry at all - spent 30 mins walking fairly fast on a treadmill at the gym too.

Seems loads, but still only 1000 calories !
Only just started back at the gym, been twice in the last 6 months !

I am not sure I would have felt up to anything cardio wise on low calories.
Only just started back at the gym, been twice in the last 6 months !

I am not sure I would have felt up to anything cardio wise on low calories.
well if you keep up with the regular visits now it will be a great help in maintaining that fantastic weight loss.

You are doing fab lee.

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