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Coming off the diet - sort of... please do add a meal ppl!


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Okay to all those of you who worry about adding a meal - DO IT! In 18 weeks I only added a meal on one week and even then I mostly had two packs instead of 3 because in all honesty I felt guilty eating and worried about putting weight on. I had a planned break for time I had to go away and I didn't eat very much or very well and because I had eaten I thought well that can be my add a meal week - Not thinking that I wasn't getting all the vitamins!

Anyway as reported on here somewhere my hair was really falling out - now this may be TMI for some and I am sorry but i don't want it to happen to anyone else...

I am on my TOTM and it was normal for the first two days - friday night I had a massive bleed and lost a hell of a lot of blood - one clot was almost the size of the pad - no exageration - I had to get my hubby as i didn't know what the hell was going on and he said it was like a scene from carrie...so not good - I went to the emergency clinic on saturday still losing a lot of blood and it turns out that the diet has affected my hormones and made my endometriosis (which never really bothers me) react badly but this can happen if you don't have the condition with sudden weight loss so be warned don't be silly like I was and please add the meal week as was suggested by the web site - My doctor has told me 18 weeks was too much for me and I need to come off the diet - so I am thinking of having 3 packs and a proper meal after christmas and see how I go - but for now I am on meds to stop the bleeding and to bring the inflamation down - I am okay, in pain and feeling sorry for myself and part of me feels I failed but I know I have to take this as a warning and be sensible - so to all those who do worry about food, please don't we obviously do need those extra calories every few weeks!

Hope you all have a great christmas - I will still be around - determind to get to target - just maybe at a slower rate ;)
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Oh I really feel for you Katt :bighug:I can imagine how disappointed you must be and how scared you must have been with all that bleeding. Your health definitely comes first though - after all that's why we're all trying to lose weight - to be healthier. You have done amazingly well so can feel very proud of yourself and know that you can do it again after xmas but with AAM week :) Take care of yourself and enjoy your xmas.


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Also if youre doing AAM remember its AS WELL as your packs not instead of. Skipping packs is going to make things worse

Hope youre ok, might be worth you changing to WS for a while? 3 packs and a meal every day, you can still lose around 10lbs a month


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Thanks girls - feeling better but still getting watched by the hubby lol so i am being good and eating ;) I have only put 1lbs on and I am going to WI every week to keep an eye on things and then around the 7th jan I will probably start back to get the last 2 stone off but make sure I look after myself better ;) Hope you all have a good christmas!