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coming out of ketosis for bday?


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i really been thinking about coming out of ketosis for my 18th when me and the girls go out. i was thinking of knocking myself out of ketosis on my birthday with a jacket patoto, because the next day were going for a meal, and then clubbing. and then re-starting cd on the sunday/monday. Please give me ur advice x
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Its totally up to you hunni,some will say go for it, some will say dont..

WHat ever you do good luck xxx


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Is it just for the food or are you planning to drink too, or is that a stupid question? If its just for the food I would just go for some grilled chicken or fish with salad. That way you may actually stay in Ketosis and wont beat yourself up afterwards. Just a thought. Good luck and have a good time. Remember you only have one 18th! x:)


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its for drink aswell, its my birthday and dont want to be the sober one lol. iv lost 4st already, think i diserve a treat
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if your going to drink then definitley eat some form of complex carbs, of course it will knock you out of ketosis but its so dangerous to drink whilst in ketosis, there is a sticky about it somewhere on here. I did it and consequently fainted and scared the hell out of my friends so don't do it!! You only get one 18th birthday and if I were you I would write that weekend off and start again on monday straight back on it, or if you can't face going back through into ketosis then choose not to drink on your bday and stick to protein which hopefully won't knock you out of ketosis, obviously its up to you but I wouldn't let the diet ruin big deals like your 18th. Its my graduation in 2 weeks and I'm coming off for the weekend because I know I will go back on it immediatley on the monday and I would rather enjoy my graduation with my friends and family socially than be on cambridge!

Enjoy it whatever you decide to do :)



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I think if you're going to do it (which I know you are, you've been talking about it for ages!) a jacket potato is a very sensible choice, so long as you don't go smoothering it in cheese!
Have fun won't you and remember to have a drink for the rest of us!


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im sooooo exicted, have my whole outfit now, i look hot! lol
Just eat low calorie and don't drink TOO much :D

I'd do it if I was you, I definitely wouldn't want to be the only one sober on my birthday!
I think you deserve a treat too.
One weekend of fun and straight back on CD :)

Have a great 18th!
Didn't realise there were any other 17 year olds on here besides me :)

Jenni x


Must do it this time
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id have to say go for it hun,you defineitly deserve a treat after your lose so far,i know if it were me then i would do it,have a great birthday and have a vodka for me!!!!!
elaine x


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Go for it - think about how you will look back on your 18th in the future - you need to build your memories and remember you only live once - have a fabulous birthday then start again monday.
btw - someone told me vodka has no calories - dont know if its true.
S: 19st1.0lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st10.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st12lb(35.96%)
vodka and diet coke is the best low calorie drink to have, vodka has only 50 cals a shot, stay away from alcopops, wine and cider as they are fuuuulllllll of sugar!

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Part of me wants to say...enjoy your 18th and come out of Ketosis!
Have you blipped before?
Now please don't all think I'm a killjoy BUT
there is part of me though that wants to say don't do it...getting back into Ketosis is really tough and once you have come off it once many people find excuses to have more time off.
I have never risked it and have been the only none eating and drinking person at many special events in the last 6 months(Granted none of them were my 18th birthday!)
There has become a little bit of a trend in recent weeks for people to be quite encouraging towards have a break on the cd forum,but personally I think it is a really bad decision....You will have a 21st and a 30th and a 40th birthday in the future and do you really need alchohol to make it a night to remember!
You have done really well and have come so far,do you really want to damage your progress.


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mary poppins, i know what u mean, but i have so much determenation to finish this diet, i know i will be back on tract on monday, as my bf will kick my bum in to it! and i also really want to have fun on my bday, and enjoy myself
S: 19st1.0lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st10.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st12lb(35.96%)
i do totally agree with you mary poppins and I ss without cheating and I know there is a difference of opinions on here about all that too but if I was about to turn 18 and all my friends were drinking etc... I wouldn't feel good, its not purely about the alcohol its the social side of just being able to join in for once, I think its much harder when you are younger to stick to diets like c.d because your social life is so pivotal(not bein ageist in the slightest here) but I've just turned 21 and it really affects my social life not being able to drink with my friends when we're out, I know that in the long run I will feel happier but I think certain occasions (like your 18th) you should look back on as momentous and young not thinking oh yeah thats the time I was on cambridge. Cambridge should be used to better your standard of living in the long run but we're only humans and sometimes in the mean time before we reach goal we are going to come across things that its not 'bad' of us to come off ss for.

Just want to say I am in no means having a go at you here because I completely see where you are coming from as coming off it sometimes leads people down a bad path where they can't get back on it but I just wanted to say my opinion as someone who's a similar age to kimmie. :)

S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
mary poppins, i know what u mean, but i have so much determenation to finish this diet, i know i will be back on tract on monday, as my bf will kick my bum in to it! and i also really want to have fun on my bday, and enjoy myself
OK!but do I have permission to be really annoyed with you if I hear you saying you are having a break for anything else in the next few months!!:D
Enjoy your 18th....just having come so far myself and having watched many people suffer after having time off...I find it very hard to be encouraging when people say they are going to have a break!
I say go for it! :D You're only 18 once and whilst I don't want to condone drinking to have a good time.....(hehe) on your 18th it's a bit of a given isn't it?! Have a fantastic weekend eat and drink what you want and then get straight back on afterwards, like you said you really want this so you know you'll do it. I hope you have a great time hun :)
18th birthday's are "biggies". You've got to have a good one, as you'll look back on it for years to come. It's a landmark age.
I went out the other week for a bd. My CDC advised me to have a meal the night before I went out (to line my stomach) and a meal the night I went out. Also advised me to have an extra bar that same day - 2 bars, 2 shakes and low fat meal in total. When I had the proper meals, I had low fat meals - small serving of pasta, chicken and veg.

I had a fab night - didn't drink heavily (just enough!) and I made sure I had plenty of water throughout the evening. I hit the dance floor most of the night! I lost 3 lbs that week and still managed to get back into ketosis 2 days later!
It helped that people had noticed I'd lost weight, so it made me determined to keep at it. If you are determined and your partner is determined to help you, then you'll have no probs. Enjoy yourself and get back on here the day after for extra support!
Another killjoy here but please heed my words! I came off CD for the weekend for my 30th. Went away to a posh hotel with my OH, had a fab time. It took me 8 months to get my head back into SS properly!! I was like you, thought I'd do fine, had been doing great & it was just hell! With hindsight I wish I'd not eaten that weekend. If I'd stuck to the diet I'd have been at target by Christmas & would have had all future celebrations in slinky little dresses feeling fab! Instead I'm back here, desperately hoping to reach target so I enjoy my summer holiday & don't feel like a whale!

I know you'll do whatever feels right for you but be aware you can't get that feeling of determination back after you waver from the diet.

Enjoy your birthday though! I'm not trying to be your mother, honest!

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