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Just realising how much of a challenge lipo is gonna be, seeing as I have to tell people!

I can handle the not eating, well so far so good, but its only my first week and I'm already sick to the back teeth of all the comments from my friends and family.....mainly along the lines of "oh you're totally insane to do a crash diet like that, you'll never keep it off"......and just general silent judgement, which is worse!

One of my best friends just dropped by for a quick chat and as she suggested dinner during the week I thought I'de have to tell her, and I wanted to anyway, I thought she'd be interested cause she too has weight to loose but she just proceeded to roll her eyes and inform me that its a stupid decision and she's not happy about it!!!!

lol, doing lipotrim is my choice and it would just be nice if friends could be more understanding instead of judgeing!

Sorry to rant, gurrrrrr!!!!:mad:

Just made me more determined to stick with it now and prove them all wrong!:D
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Never give up
It's hard Emma. Just be quietly confident and prove tham all wrong.

Be strong. You are doing this for you and nobody else, because you know you need to, and you know this is the right time. Best of luck petal. :)
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People are always jealous. They make judgements and comments which make you fall, or stop you on your journey.

And even if they are trying to look out for you, the best way is to prove them wrong. My husband was really skeptical and now he is so proud of me for my willpower!

Keep at it.
Just explain that this was your decision and it's something you feel you have to do. That normal diets just don't work because you have to eat something on them and the temptation to cheat is too high. It is for me anyway.


I will never give up
hi ive only told my mum and 2 friends so far i think thats best until i lose more weight and it will help with the negativity as i wouldve lost abit already and feel more confident otherwise people are just waiting for you to fail.
Thanks guys....

Just stresses me out when I think this could cause friction in a friendship or anything, happened afew years back when I did weighwatchers and when I loast all the weight my closest friend told me she no longer wanted to be my friend, just like dropping a bomb and walking out of my life!

I'm well over that now and I realised if she just wanted me as a "fat-friend" then it wasn't really friendship at all, but I really don't want history to repeat itself!:(

And the most frustrating thing is I'm always so supportive of my friends, but you know what I have to do this for me and I'm just gonna put myself first and take the highs with the lows, I know I'll be so happy when I get to goal, one step at a time!:)

Waterworks that guy will defo be kissing your ass!Well done!:)



I will never give up
i cant believe your friend done that to you to think there are actually people out there who are like that how sad. your better off without her and although it might have been hurtful it is best that you discovered her true nature. so dont stress yourself and worry incase it happens again because if any of your friends want to be like that then theyre not true friends anyway and your better off without them.
i also made the dicision not to tell anyone except those who had to know my husband and my sister and a women at work although dont no why i told her lol and my sister is the only supportive 1, my husband just wants me to stop as she says iv been ok this weight for the past few years and the women at work says things like oh just eat if you want something and start again tomorrow but all i can say to them is watch this space lol make way for the thinner happier me x x x


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I say this to all the posts i see like this.

Tell your friends and anyone else who has a problem with the way you are chosing to lose weight and get healthy that Lipotrim started out as a GP diet only, where you could only get it from the doctor!!! It has now gone to pharmacy only - its controlled and i think the only one that is personally controlled out there!

Also, one more thing, tell them to sign up to minis and have a look around the maintainence section of here and other TFR boards and see the success a TFR diet can have :)

Good luck on your journey and remember, you are losing weight for you. Its you're choice to lose it via a tfr diet and not everybody puts weight back on! :D x
When I started Lipotrim in 2008 everyone ridiculed me for using a faddy diet but within months the very same people were queuing up to get on it!! So will your friend be, believe me!!

So many people do regain, this is true and once you make yourself aware of this rather than hid eyour head in the sand about it (like i did) then you wont!
Best idea is to have a plan to move on to, WW, Dukan, GI, anything that's going to keep you on track,
also, people regain often on ANY diet.
In weightwatchers there's always restarters, it's life.
There is loads of motivational people around here, just look at summergirls before and after pic!!


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This is always the tough part of following a radical plan. Of course, you don't want to fall out with friends or family. Just patiently explain that you have put a lot of thought into how you want to tackle your weight issue. Agree with them that , yes of course it is a drastic plan of attack but point out that it is medically supervised and only available through pharmacy programmes. Also agree that yes, if you do not exercise proper care afterwards, like any other diet you will regain the weight. Assure them that whilst on TFR you will do a lot of hard thinking about why you have gotten to this point and that you have a solid plan in mind for when you finish TFR.
By adopting this approach, friends and family will see that you are serious this time about wanting to make a huge change in your life.
Ask them to support you in your journey even if they disagree with the approach. If they see you are positive and sure of yourself then they will see your perspective more clearly. True friends will not be able to disagree with that point of view and the rest can take a hike.
Funny thing isn't it... From the people I have least expected it from I have received lots of support and encouragement and fascination in the diet concept!

From some of my closest friends and a certain work colleague - ridicule, no understanding and plenty of headshaking!

I have had to tell most people I work with what I am doing, 3 of us are dieting together, me on LT, 1 on WW and the other on Atkins... Guess who's winning??? x
If they comment on your choice of weight loss tell them to go and ask their Doctors about it and tell them that Lipotrim up until about 10yrs ago was only done through either your Dr or a Hospital referral, but is now available through your Pharmacist.

See what they say to that oh and see your Dr just so they too can monitor your weightloss and let them know which Pharmacist your use for this. It's mainly for your benefit aswell as them as they can liase with one another a lot better if need be.


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The bit that cracks me up the ones who shake their head at you telling you that the diet isn't good for you while drinking, smoking, eating rubbish or whatever else.

I think I'll take my chances. The same people who lecture about your method of losing weight will be the same who lecture you about how you need to lose weight. I just tend to lecture them about minding their own F'ing business. I then flex my guns, do a groin-thrust and leave. Unless it's in my own house, it'd be silly to leave. Or raining, don't wanna get wet.
Hope this helps a little?

I was worried about telling all my friends and family etc, so i wrote a message and sent it to them explaining what i was doing and why it was important to me for them to fully understand what i was doing it for and that i needed their support instead of judgement or ridicule.

I also suggested that before making any comments about the diet they read the information on the Lipotrim website or just ask me about it. I also explained that I would be checked each week by my doctor so that if there should be anything medically wrong with me etc it would soon be found so they needn't worry.

I also explained that whilst they were always welcome to come for dinner or tea at my house. I wouldn't be eating a meal with them or drinking alcohol. Instead i would have a shake or soup at the same time as they were eating. Whilst people said they felt guity eating in front of me i explained that it was entirely my choice to be doing this and that it was still a pleasure for me to see them eating and enjoying what i'd cooked for them and this seemed to ease that guilt! lol.

I also explained that so long as they could provide me with some water they could still ask us over for meals etc as the rest of my little family still needed to eat! lol

Their responses and support have been brilliant now that they fully understand what the diet is and that it's not a fad or crash diet and it's not dangerous to my body! (as was first questioned by some of them) they are happy that i am doing it as it's making me happy.

Some of them has also looked at this forum with me and seen the support that's available on here too which is great it seems comforting to them, as well as me, that i'm not alone in doing this and have wished me luck with it.

I hope that this has helped a little to perhaps suggest a way of breaching the gap in telling family or friends etc. I'm close to my family but we're not really massive talkers so it was lovely to just tell everyone at the same time and get it all off my chest etc and get the support i was hoping for.

And whilst the odd person has made the comments of "you'll never stick to it" or "you won't keep it off" i just think sod off, you'll soon see!:) and just makes me even more determined!!

Good Luck all! :)
Caffsean thats excellent adivce, I have since suggested to any "haters" that perhapse they should look at minimins and maybe they could then learn how to be supportive from everyone on here!!!

And I totally agree about it making you even more determined, it's just given me greater motivation if anything, but of course the only person I'm really doing this for is me!:)


Real name Seán
Caffsean thats excellent adivce, I have since suggested to any "haters" that perhapse they should look at minimins and maybe they could then learn how to be supportive from everyone on here!!!

And I totally agree about it making you even more determined, it's just given me greater motivation if anything, but of course the only person I'm really doing this for is me!:)

I've just been taking a note of any fellas dissing me and will then steal their Girls when I reach goal. I'll give them back after like !


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Big S that did make me laugh!

I spoke to my teenager all about LT before I started and asked him to support me. I was amazed how much he did so. I mentioned once that it would be good if he ruined his 'leftovers' incase I was tempted. Popped a bit of burger in my mouth one evening - gross. He'd rubbed washing up liquid in it - oh how we laughed!

Being a teenager it is far too much trouble to put leftover food in the bin of course - but to squirt soap...yes! All along he was good, only taunting me a little when he was cross about something else... and now he is brilliant he told me he was very proud of my acheivement and that I look great.

We all have our own personal journey with LT - find the right people to enjoy the view when you travel it!!

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