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Just wondering... How much did you have to lose before people started noticing? I know it sounds vain but went for lunch with the girls today and one of them has lost between 1 and 2 stone and every one was like wow you look so good etc which I am happy for her but I've lost a stone and no one noticed not that I can see anything either mind! Just feel a bit down I guess prob because I'm still a lot fatter than her no one noticed :s x
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When I first started dieting and did Cambridge no one noticed until I had lost 3 stone!! I'm sure you will start noticing soon enough :)


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This varies from person to person, few years back I lost 4stone abd nobody noticed until I'd lost 3, this time after a stone my mum and couple of people commented on how they could see I looked slimmer etc, don't be disheartened, you know you are losing and must be feeling good then all of a sudden people will notice and say WOW then you can be even more proud of yourself :)

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I found for months and months no one noticed and then suddenly everyone was asking me and saying how much id lost. It happened like that over night but i had to lose a few stone before anyone noticed. At the moment im down a stone and no ones noticed. But i am still 10 lbs above my weight i was last october so maybe once ive lost that and some more i may get comments

It will soon be your turn so keep up the good work

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A few people started to comment around 2 stone loss but today at work tons of people said it today. Wore exactly what I normally do but some people said I was wasting away, hardly but nice to hear. I have now lost over 3 stone so maybe that's the magic number


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Ahh thanks guys I guess cause I'm so fat I'll have to lose a lot more before I get told I'm wasting away :( so many nice (fatty) food In this house that I want it's so hard! 1st down 7 to go :( :( :(
Just wish I could fast forward!!! There's just so much I would have a little try off but I won't have a nibble why in ketosis :/ also week 3 tomorrow and all off a sudden I'm really craving pure carbs... Just plain Pasta bread etc any suggestions or just a mind game? Xx


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I saw a photo on Facebook somewhere around about new year when everyone was making New Years resolutions... And it said that if you make a big change in your life, it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world...

With this diet at roughly a stone a month, that bears it out at 3 stone ish! :)


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Last time I lost 3 stone that's when I started to get comments. It was nice that nobody commented when I put half of it back on again! This time round, again 3 stone, so that really does seem to be the magic number. I'm really liking now that people I've not seen for a few months are doing a double take! hahaha, that's such a buzz!

And what I really totally and absolutely LOVE is that people are now asking me how they can stop overeating - that's just the ultimate compliment :D


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Sorry to resserect an old thread, but I was thinking about it today and took a while to find it!

I am three and a half pounds off three stone lost and in the last couple of days ive had about 5 people comment, really very little has been said before that.... so i guess that bears out the three stone theory lol...

i had to get the handyman at work to put another hole in my belt this morning, nice comments, the sun is shining, im feeling just fab! Think i might have to give those jeans in the drawer another try this evening too... :)

Hope you are all having a fab day too xx


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Think this probably ties in quite nicely



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I did cb two years ago and people didn't notice unil I had lost nearly two stone and I was doing it with my husband and people started commenting after he only lost a stone, I used to get so annoyed!! Stick with it and people will start to notice soon and the feeling is amazing!
S x


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I've hit 2st down this week and suddenly had an absolute thunderstorm of comments from about 5 different people at work all on the same day - Monday this week. I HATE comments and compliments but there were that many that I got used to it and was actually able to smile, say thanks and answer the question of how much I've lost so far.


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You do reach a point where you start to enjoy it, I hated the nice stuff but loved the snubs to start with. Now I must admit to getting a bit of a kick at the looks and the smiles and the comments. I got hit on by a junior colleague in the lift on Friday, I loved it! He was good enough to admit he was hitting on me too and we did laugh - those things never happened before, it's a great boost :)


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It was when I had lost just under 3 stone people started noticing and giving comments etc.. But my close friends noticed I had lost weight from my face after 10lbs.


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I'm looking forward to getting comments - it always takes me 3st to drop my first size so just 7.5lbs to go until I'm hopefully in the size 22s and getting some comments!