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S: 15st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 3st1lb(20.28%)
This is what I've become.:(

I've still got 1 stone (and now another 5lb) left to lose to get to target, but I'm a size 12 bottoms and 14/16 tops and I'm much happier with my size. I haven't been this size since I was in my early 20's some 15 yrs ago :cool:

I do want to lose the rest, but I've been moving up and down 5lbs since the end of June. 2lb on, lose 1lb, lose 0.5lb, gain 2lb and so on it goes. I really need to knuckle down and finish. I don't want to give up just yet. I want to get to a size 12 all over, then I will be really really pleased with myself.

How do I get past this complacent stage? :confused: and stop giving in to Chinese food:break_diet:
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S: 13st0lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.2%)
Is there a specific event coming up to motivate you that you could work towards? Like when I was getting lazy in my running I decided to sign up for a race so that I had something concrete to work towards, a purpose really. If not, do you have someone close who can kick you up the bum or exercise with you to get you kick started?

I was in a slump as well and doing a half @rsed job at sw, and finally just kicked myself up the backside to get back into it. I found cooking and planning were key as I was getting bored.

Good luck honey! xx


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S: 14st5lb
I hit that stage about a month ago, and asked for a kick up the bum which was duly delivered on here. I found throwing out all my too big clothes and having a mammoth trying on session made me see how far I'd come. And the fact I still had some way to go! I've grouped all the things that are abit too tight together and try them on weekly. I've also ordered stuff off ebay in a 16 and it fits! If you can see you're well on the way then it gives you a boost and I'm begining to enjoy clothes for the first time in years!
The other thing to do is fill in a food diary and go back to basics for a week just to identify what's gone wrong. Do you exercise? It really has boosted my mood, (and I was the biggest couch potato in the UK!)
You CAN do this! Remember how determined you were the first week? You can recapture that! Make a goal for yourself, ? 1 stone for Xmas? Print out the Xmas tree.
Or my failsafe, get a sexy bra!
Good luck Hun! I'm sure there'll be lots of folk to give you other advice, but DON'T GIVE UP!

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