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Complete Newbie! - My Diary

Hi all!

After going backwards and forwards and toying with the idea of CD I decided to finally go for it! I've got an appointment booked with a CDC on Wednesday 16th although after reading the forum realised that I got myself all psyched up to start but will probably have to get a doctors signature first! :sigh:

At the moment I'm the biggest that I have ever been and its just not working for me! two years ago my sister reached 30st and ended up having a gastric bypass and I just don't want to reach that point. I'm hoping that this week will be a good start for my little family, my fiancee Michelle starts a new job on Monday after it taking forever to find her one and I've got my appointment, so I will try and keep posting on a regular basis as I think its going to be so helpful to have the support of a forum. :)

So, right now I'm 5ft 1 and 19.5 stone after I've seen my CDC I can work out some realistic goals and get started :D

Love Emma

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Hi there,

Go you for making the decision. I start CD tomorrow!! I got all my food packs Thursday and have been holding out until this weekends social event(family gathering) is over. I am just about to go and have my last bit of food in a mo!! Best of luck...I hope this works out for the best of us!

Good luck,

Hiya, well done you for making the decision too!! I was tempted to hold out as well as got a big family birthday at the end of the month but my brother is brilliant and understands so I just thought I'd go for it! Am trying to cut down already so it's not such a shock to the system! Good luck to you! And thanks for the support, sending loads your way!!

Love Emma
X x x
Hiya, well done you for making the decision too!! I was tempted to hold out as well as got a big family birthday at the end of the month but my brother is brilliant and understands so I just thought I'd go for it! Am trying to cut down already so it's not such a shock to the system! Good luck to you! And thanks for the support, sending loads your way!!

Love Emma
X x x
hi , good luck on starting CD ... I started at nearly 19 stone and here I am now at 11 .. its an amazing plan :D
Good decision about the party , you will find there is always some occassion that can make you want to delay the diet , but you just have to jump on the wagon and enjoy the ride ( well you will certainly enjoy the ride on the scales every week as they fly down :D )

Good luck :)


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Good luck! In sure once you have spoken to you cdc and gotten Dr's signature if required I'm sure you will be able to get stuck right into it.
We are all here for you, and keep posting it does help!
Thank you so much for your support it really helps!! I've got a nice valentines day meal planned for tomorrow but apart from that I've started to scale down already, hoping it may make the transition easier!!!! X
Hello and welcome :) there are plenty of people on here who have managed to lose a lot, starting around the same weight as you so you will be fine. Let us know how you get on!
Thanks Felix :)

Had a funny conversation with my mum earlier, told her about starting CD and for someone who is a feeder she was quite positive about it! She told me to take up knitting for something to do with my hands when I'm hungry... The more I thought about it I realised the woman is a genius! (obviously passed down to her youngest baby! Moi!) I eat when I'm bored and when I'm hungry, so, I figure that if I knit then I can obviously make stuff but maybe also hold off the cravings and the boredom! However on the flip side I am going to have to prepare myself for my partner and friends poking fun because I'm the eldest at 26 and I'm knitting!!!!! They've just advertised that new magazine, might have to go and get the first issue....



OK... odd day... was doing really well with cutting down, black tea all day, a little breakfast, a little lunch etc and then my fiancée's new boss asked if I was her Mum... I'm being completely serious... at 26 I am just four years older than her and I actually look 26! he says he was joking, I did not find it funny but smiled nicely as she only started the job today and then went and got a big cookie from the bakers, ate it and then immediately wished I hadn't... :sigh:

Earlier in the day am sitting in the bakers (after going in to see my friend Helen) with my black tea and sitting opposite me is my son... all cute and blonde and inhaling a huge cookie... I'm not joking he actually seemed to breathe in and it virtually disappeared... I did all the Mum stuff and told him to slow down etc when really my head was screaming this is what its going to be like, you're going to have to sit there and watch him eat after having the pleasure of either paying for it or cooking it for him!!!! I love him but at that moment I could have quite happily sent him back to nursery, cookie and all!!!!!!

grrrr... role on Wednesday and lets get this thing started before I lose my mojo!

x x x
Urgh...bored of waiting now, just want to get started! I'm doing what I can to scale back and prepare myself, I've never been one to just drink water so I've started today, got myself a nice water filter (money raised for Breast Cancer Care from it :D) and have started this morning. Its going to be hard and something tells me that I'm going to wee alot!

On the plus side I called the Doctors yesterday and they said that I just have to drop the form in and leave it a couple of days and the Doctor will sign it, if he's got any problems with it he'll give me a call.

So, the OH's Mum called last night and reminded us that it is Jaz's (OH's cousin) birthday on Saturday and are we still going to the meal that was booked..... eek! have told OH that say yes for now and we'll see when I can actually start (after doctors and getting packs etc) and if necessary I'll say I'm poorly! trust me about these people, they're not exactly the cuddly forthcoming type! my parents = wonderfully supportive OOH's parents = abrupt and difficult!

Love Emma

Really nervous

So, am off to see my CDC in about half hour for the first time and I am so nervous...I'm really self conscious about my weight and sitting there and talking to someone openly and honestly scares the hell out of me when they are right in front of me :eek:
Been to see CDC and my expectations were right, I do need to be signed off by my doctor first! She is also going to work me down the plan starting from step three for a week and so on until am able to do SS! So now it's time to get motivated and get on with it!!! X
Grrr doctor still hasn't signed the form but I've been sticking to the 1000 plan today with added vitamins etc so I don't lose out on anything, I feel ok but do have a headache, have only managed a litre and a bit of water but am working on it! Roll on tomorrow and hopefully the doctor will sign the form and I can get going properly! Xxx
Hey Em, well done for getting started and hopefully your doctor won't cause any issues, some doctors are so against cd but what would they rather, the nhs spends £10k on a gastric band? Anyway, good luck! Best bit of advice I can give you is to be bloody careful when you come off it, it lead to a bit of a binge starve cycle with me which is why I'm about 1.5 stones heavier than when you last saw me when we were at Uni! You'll be fine, keep busy and call me if you need to. It really is an amazing plan oh and by the way, we have exactly the same starting weight- before Uni though when I'd already lost 3 stones on weightwatchers! Wahhhhhhh well done for doing cd, I'm really excited for you! Xxx
Clem thank you!!! You are my inspiration!!!! In the next few weeks of still eating and preparing for soul source I'm going to keep a notebook on all the things I eat that are good for me and any nice recipes that I come up with so I'll have it refer back to when I start worming back up the steps. I'm so determined this time, I have just had enough of being like I am and you have proved that it can be done and you look amazing :) xxxx
I blew it!!! I'd been doing really well with the low calorie diet and the. Had to have a dinner out with OH's family, literally unavoidable eating!!!! They have no idea about my diet and I certainly don't plan on telling them! So yesterday I had 2 shredded wheat in skimmed milk, two slices of bread and ketchup ( I totally cheated there and felt awful! I soon realised that I was feeling low and my bread is my go to food!) and then roasted root vegetable soup and a little bit of bread, tandoori chicken (although I ate a quarter of chicken, skin included, and then couldn't eat anymore!) two pints of coke and a semi-skimmed latte... I figure it could have been worse and at least I didn't cheat whilst on SS! So back on it today and moving on up with it! Positive thinking and positive feeling!!!! X
I hate it when Doctors charge you for things like that! Anyhoo, at least it's done now and you can start CD! I see you're going down the plans which is deffo the best way to start, really try and cut down on your carbs as it helps soooo much with getting into ketosis!


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