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Completely mad to start LL one week before starting my PGCE?

Am I completely mad to start LL tomorrow, one week before I start my PGCE?

Pros are that I hate being the weight I am and LL worked for me in the past, and I only need to lose 1 stone before I can transfer to LLL if I feel I need to (I'm doing refreshers not the 100 days and I think I'll feel uncomfortable explaining to everyone on my course plus schools what I'm doing, LLL might mean I can eat a protein & salad for lunch and packs when I'm at home).

Cons are that I feel mentally sluggish on LL, not great when doing a course, plus PGCE is v stressful and timeconsuming anyway, without this on top of it.

Is this a completely ridiculous time to start? My counsellor says the woolly headed feeling goes away after a bit (although it didn't for me last time), and that there's never a good time to start.

I'd really appreciate your advice and comments, positive or not....!
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I'd say go for it. As your counsellor said, there will never be a good time. The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish. You will manage the PGCE fine, the hardest part would have probably been the interview process! Just make sure you get plenty of sleep and I'm sure you will manage it all great.

Good luck with it.

I love that handbag! I think I need to find myself a lovely reward like that!

Thank you for your comments peony, you're right. I went in an hour ago to weigh in and sign up. Shame of all shames, I'm exactly the same weight now as when I started LL. It took me a good while to regain it but still...

Time to say goodbye to the weight forever. Slinky Christmas here I come.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey , i did my year 1 of cert ed last year durnig ll and i was fine , starting year 2 on thurs and cant wait . yes the course is hard work and time consuming but nothing worth having ever came easy , and besides ... with no need to eat youll have lots of extra study time :0) lol xxx goodluck hunnie xx
Question to ask yourself is if you don't do it now then when? It's easy to find any kind of excuse not to do it but ultimately you'll end up delaying and being unhappy about your weight for longer.
Your fuzzy head should go very soon so long as you drink plenty of water. Life's too short...DO IT NOW!!! (in my humble opinion!)
All the best with your course x
Day one done. Thank you for your advice and inspiration- I'm taking it one day at a time, who knows, maybe I'll blink, it'll be Christmas and I'll be slim!!!
How long did people stay "whooly headed" for on here?

I'm a student nurse, due to start my 3 rd year next week and one of my biggest fears about starting this diet (if I do decide to) is bnot being up to scratch at work, which of course is a dangerous place to be if not fully up to it...


...we're sinking deeper.
I did my last year of University and wrote a whole dissertation while doing LL. While I did find my energy levels weren't as high as they should have been - it never detracted from any studying goals, and never made my studies suffer.

The "wooly headed"ness is actually LIFTED when you do mental exercise, I find it gets tough only when I'm idle and bored.

So I'd say, don't worry about it. LL will not affect your daily life as long as you don't let it become an issue... otherwise you're just making excuses not to change your life for the better... and oh, trust me when I say... it's worth it. I'm sure most of us here on the forum will agree with me. I know you mentioned you did LL briefly before... but; perhaps this time you need to sit down with yourself and have a chat. See it through this time. Push through the bad feeling (God knows how much I pushed through the lethargy...) - and it is 100% worth it when you achieve what you wanted. It's a mountain you must climb, on your own.

You'll never know until you try! :D
i never felt 'woolly headed'

i'm a bit of a dizzy blond at times anyway - but i reckon it probably improved actually!
daisy x

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