completely O/T but do we have a solicitor among us?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by ninababes, 17 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Just wanna ask some general advice re my car insurance company.
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  3. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    I'm a solicitor but only matrimonial i'm afraid! sorry nina xxx
  4. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    oh poo thanks though Jodie just my insurance company are penalising me by charging me for the whole 12 months of the policy for a car accident where my car's been written off that wasnt my fault and i was cancelling the policy this month as i've got my company car now and it doesnt say anywhere in the policy and it means that i'm only left with £450 for my car
  5. prettyfromtheback

    prettyfromtheback Full Member

    I work in insurance but not motor. If it's not in the policy wording then you should have the right to complain. Have a look at the cancellation clause, how much time you have to give, what situations you're not able to cancel etc.

    In other kinds of insurance e.g. marine the full premium is due if the subject of the insurance is lost/written off, but I don't know if this applies to motor.

    If the accident was not your fault the insurance company ought to be able to subrogate against the guilty party in which case you shouldn't be penalised.

    Sorry I can't give you proper advice as I haven't read your policy terms and conditions and don't have any experience of motor insurance!

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