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Completely off topic but......


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Am I the only one with a serious amount of flies around this year????? House flies I mean? I am in Dublin but seriously I am killing about 10 a day!!!!!

I am using the spray but now my windows are covered in it. Do you remember the sticky kind of bar thing that you hung in the ceiling and the flies stuck to it? Can you still get that? Anyone remember what it was called?

These flies are disgusting. Any suggestions to get rid of them? And why so many? Uuuuugggghhhh!
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Not got a problem with flys, but snails...now thats different. MY GARDEN IS FULL OF THE LITTLE SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'd rather have the snails!!!!


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Hiya Sara,

I'm in Dublin too, but thankfully haven't got the fly problem (could be cuz I hate opening windows cuz of flies :p).

You can get great fly catchers in any hardware store, or the bigger guys, Woodies, B&Q, Atlantic Homestore etc, i've got these cute little Butterfly transfers stuck to each of my windows (on de inside) they have scent on them that attracts the fly's then they get poisioned and die (cruel but works):D

I always hated those things that hang down from the ceiling covered in dead corpses YUGH...now theres an eating food deterent if ever I saw one :eek:
yes in clare big fly problem.. I've had to take up smoking to ward them off...oh no thats my nicotine habit trying to find excuses!!but I did wonder if the 3 flies I ate yesterday at a low moment would effect my ketosis!!damn you flying crunchy treats!!!!


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Now! Now! FFBB! That is nearly cheating!!!!

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