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I have just had two really nice compliments!!! I phoned my mum for a chat, and she told me that two of her friends, independently, both said how fabulous I was looking at the moment. One of them said that I'm in my "prime"!! LOL!

I am SO flattered...it's absolutely made my day.

So - have you had anyone say nice things to you recently that's helped spur you on?

Happy wet weekend all.

H xx
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Lover of Extra Easy
Happy wet weekend to you too!
It's wet and really windy here too. Can't go out as it's so strong... Never mind.

Yes, I had what I thought a huge compliment. The girl in question was one who said SW can never work.... she said.."Hi Miss Skinny..you are looking really good!" I wanted to say "nah nah see..I was right!" I didn't though, I just smiled and thanked her though I am far from skinny. Maybe she will convert from eating lettuce leaves!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done girls! It really does make your day doesn't it? I had someone who said she hadn't said anything about my weightloss in case there was an awful cause for it!Then she said I was looking very tired! (Mind you I was!)
My sister however said I was looking really good last time we went out. And she said it more than once!


Nojo on the YoYo
one of my dad's friends said that he told my dad that I was looking 'really well' (eg: not so much of a fat ******* anymore)

I am so bad with compliments, I can't accept them, I just take the negative from them. EG, 'you look thin' becomes 'you used to be so fat'
One of the mums at the school knows im doing SW and asked em other day how i was getting on, when i told her how much i'd lost she so oh good u cant half tell, but i think she was just being nice (im like Vix cant take compliments very well)

On the down side my 8 year old son has just said to me mum why dont u drive, is it because your tummys to big it will touch the steering wheel lol:eek: kids eh always speak the truth
Aw so thats nice! What a nice way to make your day :)

I still cant seem to accet compliments yet. I get then, but find them hard to except. I think it's because I cant believe how far I have come in such a short space of time that I still (sometimes) feel like the person I was when I started dieting and i wasnt getting compliments then (or at least the right ones!).


Lover of Extra Easy

On the down side my 8 year old son has just said to me mum why dont u drive, is it because your tummys to big it will touch the steering wheel lol:eek: kids eh always speak the truth
No, I think that they think they are just being funny!
I remember several years ago my one son thought he was VERY funny...
He asked me what two whales would sing if I walked down the beach. Obviously I didn't know.... he responded.."We are family!" Cheeky blighter. I didn't feel too bad about myself so laughed but some mums would have really been hurt.
I had a round about sort of compliment from my neighbour the other day. He was having to use the path under our window to get in to his house and i had the window open dusting. "He stuck his head through the window and said "Bloody hell love your a**e aint half shrinking". From anyone else id have taken it as a sarcy comment but hes so genuine i just went red and muttered "Oh right erm ta" lol
My mate ( bloke) who I haven't seen for about 10 weeks said to me that he has never seen me as slim in the 18 years I have known him..... oh yes that was a real compliment.

I love this plan.. its so good.

Phil x
compliment i think lol
compliment i think lol

was visiting my ohs family the other day as i walked in his dad said god you have lost a lot of weight watch you dont make yourself ill lol i still weigh 14 stone 10 and have a lot still to loose lost 24lbs so far but i think it gave me a boost who would have thought it lol
I am just about learning how to accept them. I was told...
"smile graciously, and say thank you very much!"
...and then bite your tongue reeeeeally hard to stop yourself saying something like:

"yeah I have lost weight but it's only a few lbs, and I'm still huge"
"No! (lie)"
"Oh, I look really awful, I haven't done my hair or anything today"
"yeah but I ate a pizza last night!"

etc, etc, etc!

Smile and say thank you :)
Lol...compliments are great arent they for boosting your "feel good about yourself" factor.
I was at home in Wales at the weekend and havent seen family for ages. My Dad says "You look fantastic Love....just dont loose anymore..there'll be nothing left of you!"...and another comment I had this weekend was..."you've lost so much weight you are starting to look ill"...wtf????!!! Im 13 stone 11 and want to get to 10 stone, so still a way to go...I think its because they have seen me at 21stone 7 for so long, and now there is a huge difference I dont look like me anymore.
So this morning I am wearing makeup (I dont wear it usually) and I must say it hides the bags under my eyes! Lol.
I know! It's funny that isn't it - people who know you the best are often the ones to tag a 'but...' onto the end of a compliment.
They mean well, but it's so frustrating/upsetting/amusing when they say "don't lose too much", or "you're getting too skinny"!


I will succeed!!!
Awww Hellie that's awesome! Compliments are always lovely to receive and after your hard work you deserve them!!!

The last comment I received was from my OH about being cute :) x
It must be a parent thing- My Mum yesterday said "are you sure you're not getting anorexic?" (I'm 13 stone 2)

NIcest comment I have had recently was when me and hubby went for Indian and walked in and BOTH waiters who we know well stopped dead in their tracks and stared then went on about how they thought my husband had come in with a different woman!

Well done Hellie- the 'prime' comment is such a compliment- bask in all the glory, mate. You deserve it!

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