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Computer Knowledge: Memory stick or CD for storing photos?

Morning all
I have been having a few laptop problems lately, a few heart stopping moments when i thought i was going to lose all my photos. I bought a memory stick and some photos appear to be on there but with no order to them etc. I have become lax at this and am wondering what is best for volume as i have a lot of photos, CD or memory stick? I know (limited knowledge) that the bigger the stick the more it holds but what has been your experience? Is there a way of fixing the order on which the photos go on? if that makes sense

i am off out today to purchase what i need as i have a horrible feelig about my laptop - esp as i had to write this post twice

thanks everyone x x
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Whichever storage method you go for you will need to organise them yourself. You can make folders on the CD or USB stick and put relevant photos in them. I store all my photos by the month they were taken so have folders called Nov 2012, Dec 2012. But I generally store most my edited photos online using cloud storage. I just keep the raw files in case of emergency on an external HD. But I do take an awful lot of photos!
Thank you. Debating getting external hard drive as my friend recommended one too. Need to get into the habit of printing photos off and for some reason I have loads duplicates. Thanks again, appreciate it x


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External hard drives are a great idea for storing important files to back up. We also use ours to put music and downloaded films on and take it to my parents or friends to watch stuff or show them pictures. You can get a 1 terabyte drive for 50 quid now. That will store an awful lot of stuff. Or smaller ones which are still great for cheaper.


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All of my photos are saved on an external hard drive, along with all of my music. All of which is also saved on my sister's external hard drive, as back up should anything happen to mine :)

Mine is a 500gb hard drive and it's currently got probably 200+ photos saved on there, a stack of other documents, plus over 30,000 music tracks. And it's barely even over half full.


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being the paranoid photographer and computer geek that I am....I have 2 external hard drives (one i back up my whole laptop on as its a massive capacity and the other just my photos so they are backed up twice). Depending how many photos you have, i'd suggest an external hard drive if you have a lot (like me i have more that 25,000 from the last few years, yes you read that right), but you can get a USB that will hold up to 32GB of photos which is (if photos are in high resolution) approx 3,000-4,000, lower res looking at 10,000+. I wouldn't use CD's, no reason for it, i just wouldn't. For the price a 80gb or 120gb external costs though you'd be better with one of those...saying that my 250gb only cost £39, my 1tb (just over 4 times the size of my 250gb) only cost £60....so really yeah an external hard drive would be useful, can back up everything not just photos then.


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Both. I had external hard drive but lost all from there an computer shop said it was crupted (Sp?) an couldn't retrieve... So bow have on new hard drive, CD and memory stick!! Lol

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