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Concerned about my CDC - HELP PLEASE?


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i know i havent been on here for ages so apologies for not replying to other posts but i have a real dilema!

My CDC so far has been super...motivating, supportive etc and she has really helped get me this far....

Now a couple of weeks ago i was at my best mates wedding, and she was a bit drunk (A LOT!!!) and she did seem to parade me around like a prize bull....

But i found out yesterday that she told someone else (and ex-client) how much weight i had lost and then added "i bet you wish you'd stuck at it now like Lizz has"!

Now i know it might come across as petty, but this has really insulted me!

I have made my own choices and failed at diets in the past but for some reason CD has worked well for me. but i am now comfirtable with my CDC a) Telling other people how much weight i have lost....what happened to client confidentiality? and b) using me as a method of hurting and insulting an ex-client!

I really want to get her to sponsor me to become a CDC so i'm tempted to stay with her for this purpose....but i feel morally obliged to say something...but fear this will ruin the relationship and then she wont nominate me!

Can anyone help with this?
Any advice would be appreciated....esp from other CDC's as i really dont see how this is acceptable behaviour?

Sorry for going on, but this has really upset me! :(

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Maybe you can just tell her that the comment upset you She is obviously proud of you but isn't saying it in the rigt way but its a tricky one or you just ignore it and when you become a CDC you know that you will not be like that hope you can get it sorted


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Hi Liz - your CDC may not realise the implications of her comments. She may see your loss as motivational, and not recognise that she could hurt/insult someone. Who knows why CD works for us when loads of other diets haven't. Your ex-client & CD just might not gel. I would express your discomfort to your CDC, and say you feel embarassed being "paraded" as she did. I think you do need to be upfront though and tackle this one early on - otherwise it will continue to upset you. Your CDC might even appreciate the advice, and perhaps take CDC off the agenda when drinking in future!! Tx


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like some of the posters above me have said, she probably doesn't realise she was embarrassing you, or the ex-client (or herself!). maybe just tactfully mention that whilst you understand she's proud of you, you don't really want others to know about your journey from her, and that you'd rather tell them yourself if you'd want them to know at all!


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Oh Dear, not great that she has done this however i expect as Mince said its probably that she is proud of you and was using you as an example of how well the diet works, however i also feel sorry for the poor girl she said it too because where must her mind have been after that comment too. I would have a quiet word with her and just tell her that you while you appreciate she is proud of your losses as you yourself are, you would prefer your weight loss and weight to remain confidential please. END OFF. If she has clients that know you and she wants to talk about your losses as an example then ask her not to refer to you by name. My CDC has referenced weight loss to clients but never disclosed names start weights or other personal details;

Hope you get sorted hon and i am sure you would make a fab CDC.

Good Luck


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