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cone of chips


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A small serving of chips is 6.5 points, but I don't know how big a cone of chips is!

Ok I remembered seeing this on another thread about kebabs:

chips are only 7.5 per 170gs which is less than a cone portion, if your pointing a cone it will more likely be 9.5 / 10 points meaning a small portion would be around 11 -13 points i'm afraid
I think that the point value depends on the size of the chips? As in, chip shop chips are chunky and absorb less oil, but thinner chips absorb more, making them higher in saturated fat. Someone else can probably clarify that, but if a small portion of chippy chips are 6.5 then you're probably looking at maybe a point or 1.5 points less for a cone?


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You have 14.5 points? How many points are you allowed to bank? I can only bank four a day!


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Sorry I meant that as in I have 14.5 left for the day so I will just assume the chips were 12 to be on the safe side and have 2.5 for some fruit to tide me over til tomorrow.


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Well if they are chip shop chips they really won't be higher than a small portion. Maybe just put them as 6.5 to be safe rather than unnecessarily waste all those delicious points!


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Thanks Lorny for finding the post :) it's what i always go by that 170gs are 7.5 which i'm afraid going by my chippy is less than a cone, they say a 'normal' portion of chips is 9.5 and i think this is classed as a cone sorry if it's too late by now but if you had 14.5 left i wouldn't worry! :) hope you enjoyed

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