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Confessing all syns!

Confess my syns and I shall be saved!!!

I've deprived myself of all the good things in this world for nearly 4 years, telling myself I didn't want them but I did and this weekend I've just had to get it all out of my system! I'm starting back to class on Tuesday so I thought what the heck, I confess all here and now! :break_diet:

1 ASDA make your own 10 inch pizza with 4 toppings and cheese

3 slices of mint Vianetta

Chip shop chips and a sausage in batter

1 Seaside Doughnut

2 Tuna Mayo (full fat!!! :eek:) sandwiches on multi seed bread

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! That feels better! And do you see the line under it? That's all my guilt done and gone, back to plan in the morning. Good night!!!

(I apologise for the multiple exclaimation points btw)
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Never gets tired of SW!
I think you can safely say you've enjoyed yourself there hun and after losing 117 flippin lbs I think it's extremely well deserved!! We all need little blow-outs from time to time! It's what we do the majority of the time and our knack of getting straight back on track as soon as we can that's the key!! I have complete and utter respect for you and by taking 4 years to lose the weight, slowly and steadily, I'm sure you've changed your habits for good now! You must be very proud of yourself!! You are certainly an inspiration to me! Not long to go now til target! From a fellow (honoury) Welsh lass to another, well done, and well done for being totally honest and getting that off your chest!!XXXXXXX
ok whilst we're fessing up, I went over syns by about..oooo....16 last night. Damn those Skinny cow Chocolate Ice creams!


I'll add my line too if I may ;)
Now doesn't that feel so much better Chicaloca! I feel so much better and happier after the weekend and my lovely boyf is paying for me to go back to class to lose the last little bit. He's actually sick of me moaning about it and winding myself up by all the things I can't have lol!
hiya, i have confessed already this week, i need someone (hubby) to stop buying the things i cheat on. its really hard work i gave up the fags earlier this year and at this moment hubby is sat next to balcony door smoking a cigar, i could murder a ciggy but i won t cos the make you smell. lol sorry for moaning
Bad husband! tut tut!


Is so doing it this time
Sugar lips you so deserved that treat, you've lost an amazing amount wow :eek: :eek: well done. And I love the line you drew under it ;) I'm gonna copy but in my head!! I've had a bad week, I'm with Thelandlady here I wish my OH would stop suggesting god damn take aways!!!! And well done on the giving up smoking Thelandlady and the resisting cos its bloody hard but worth it :)

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