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Confession time - little cheats?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Violet Shrinks, 12 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Violet Shrinks

    Violet Shrinks Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've just restarted SW a week or so ago, but having followed it successfully in the past (I lost nearly three stone on it a few years ago, after my eldest son was born) I've got an idea of what works for me - and I have to confess it includes a couple of 'little cheats'!!

    The main one is that I don't syn tinned fruit. I know I should, I know that in the plan they are synned, but I don't do it. I don't eat a lot of fruit generally - loads of veg, but not a lot of fruit - so the odd time that I do have tinned pears or peaches I rinse all the juice that they are tinned with off them and count them as fresh (or as a HEX B if I have one spare). I think of it as an incentive to have the fruit instead of a less healthy snack with the same syn value.

    I'm not defending it, and certainly not recommending it - just confessing to it!!

    So I was curious to see if anyone else does this, and if other people have 'little cheats' that they use because it makes the plan work better for them?

    Don't worry - I won't tell anyone!!
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  3. BlodynAur

    BlodynAur Full Member

    For 3 days now (it doesn't sound like a lot, but it is for me) I've been totally 100% on plan, but I have to admit to cheating in the past... I used be a tweaker with Smash and I had a habit of using a lot of brands that SW didn't count as healthy extras. To be fair on me, I only have one supermarket nearby and it didn't stock the right brands but the ones they have are just as healthy!
  4. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Well I'd like to think I could cheat myself into thinking that Cider (apples) and Wine (grapes) are syn free, but I think that's less of a cheat and more of delirium :D
  5. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    I use *any* small WM pitta bread as a HEXB. I only have them once every few weeks so I just can't believe it makes that much difference :)
  6. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    I count garlic and herb philly light as a HE even though only the chive or plain ones are listed. I justify it because the calories are the same and I love garlic and herb philly!!
  7. amylou55

    amylou55 Full Member

    I do the same, like you it's probably only once every couple of weeks x

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  8. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    I might have a seeded roll instead of a wholewheat one - they are so much yummier, still a kind of brown bread, but I don't do it often
  9. beachbabetobe13

    beachbabetobe13 Silver Member

    I like your thinking!!! :)
  10. rm247

    rm247 Full Member

    When I get a pot of grated cheese from the work canteen, I know it's more than I should have to count as my Hexb but I still count it anyway

    I rationalise it by the fact it's the smallest one I can get and I'm losing weight anyway so it can't be that big a deal.
  11. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    I have two little cheats.
    One is I really like fine bulgur wheat pancakes which I believe should be synned as its like using a flour replacement.
    Another one is weetabix muffins!
  12. beachbabetobe13

    beachbabetobe13 Silver Member

    Potato pancakes...I only have one a couple of times a week but I don't syn the smash or the tbsp skimmed milk. My bad!!!
  13. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Ketchup and extra light mayo are .5 syn. Regardless of the amount squirted
  14. Lozziep78

    Lozziep78 Full Member

    My HEA milk allowance is sometimes bottomless. ...... Oooops :eek:

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  15. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Mine too. I figure that I need tea, I really need tea and I'd rather drink a lot of that than eat something high synned instead!
  16. Lozziep78

    Lozziep78 Full Member

    I'm with you on that. I cannot give up my tea....I'm addicted to the stuff! Besides, I never use all of my syns so hopefully that makes up for some of it (I'm telling myself that anyway hehe)
  17. ladybird23

    ladybird23 Full Member

    I did make a slightly new alcohol plan last weekend. I figured that if I didn't actually finish the glass of wine and kept topping it up, it would just be one glass. It backfired on me a bit though as I was just half a pound away from my first 1 stone off this week! Serves me right.
  18. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Oh I really like this one but I can see how easily it could trip you up!
  19. SallyVater

    SallyVater Gold Member

    I tweak my oils and fats quite a bit. For a HEXB 1 tbsp of coconut oil is the same as 1 tbsp EVOO as far as I'm concerned (and I sometimes use butter as well).

    Vodka is syn-free right? ;)
  20. Violet Shrinks

    Violet Shrinks Full Member

    Cider and Wine as superfree, never-ending wine glasses... Love it!!

    It is interesting to see that different people have different places where they bend the plan a little. I guess as long as we are aware of what we are doing, and still losing weight it is all good.

    I remember a lady at my old group having an argument with the consultant about her habit of occasionally counting peas as free food on a red day:

    'I didn't get fat by eating too many peas!!!!'
  21. beachbabetobe13

    beachbabetobe13 Silver Member

    I love that arguement!!! :-D

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