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Confession time!


Doing it for my girls!
I've been bad!! Have done my ankle in so no gym this week and I was feeling so fed up yesterday I made my poor DH buy me a chinese!!

Back on the shakes today though so hopefully not too much damage done. I'm soooo annoyed though cos noe I'm back over 14st and I was so pleased to be under. Why do I do this to myself???!!

Claire xx
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Tut Tut Tut!!!!

Your DH should not have bought it for you!!!! I know my OH would absolutly put his foot down and give me a right bollocking if i even mention i wanted food!

Kick you DH up the butt and tell him not to do it again!

And then jump straight back into it chick :)


Doing it for my girls!
Unfortunately I have him so well trained he just does as hes told!! I know I've been bad. TBH I ate hardly any of it and its been repeating on me all day so it really wasn't worth it!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥

Ok, well that feeling is good! Every time you think you want a chinese remember the horrible feeling you are feeling now :D
oh hunny - my best advice is just get back on the shakes again and you will be under that 14st in no time at all!


My husband = My hero
Get back on it tomorrow!

sod today, whats done it done, no point dwelling.. get back under 14st this week, and remember it for next time u have a crappy day!



I will be skinny again!!!
Aaah In all the posts of people eating everyone says they don't even enjoy it!

Good luck getting back on chick fx
Im so worried that i will get days like u and that i will fail, but we are all human, at least u are doin the right thing and getting rite bak on track x

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