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Hi everyone,

I'm a returner and am doing Cambridge SS at the moment (and at this rate will be for quite some time!).

I wanted to come on here and publicly confess my sins committed yesterday, as in the past I have just disappeared from the forum and felt guilty and eventually ended up falling off the wagon entirely. Not this time.

It's one of my very best friend's wedding next weekend, and we went to collect her dress from the shop and spend some time with her family yesterday in preparation. I had planned not to eat as per usual and SS it, but her family had made us a big lunch which was NOT low carb (and there was no low carb option). My friends don't know I'm on Cambridge as it's too much hassle explaining it to them (I have done it before and they just didn't get it), so I didn't want to make a big fuss and not eat - as there were about 10 of us round a big table and it would have seemed very odd for me not to touch the lunch at all.

So I had lunch. It wasn't much but it was certainly enough to kick me out of ketosis and probably increased my calories from 500 to 1200.

I am back on track today, have had my 3 shakes and lots of water, and despite feeling a bit hungry and very tired it has been pretty easy.

There. It's done. I don't actually regret it but I am pretty sure it will have set back my loss for this week, that's the thing with this darned plan, you eat the tiniest thing and it affects all your efforts for the whole week. Still, I guess when you think about it, a whole week on 500 calories with one day with a few hundred extra might affect the reading on the scales but it surely can't affect the amount of fat lost THAT much? Can it?

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Well done for not disappearing and falling off the wagon, that would have been far worse.

If it was just one meal then it will obviously mean you have to start the ketosis process again. Hopefully it won't have a major impact on your weight loss, just don't expect a big one this week. Learn from it and try not to put yourself through it again. :)

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