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Confidence rollercoaster! Dont know what to do!


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ok, so this might be slightly unrelated to CD, but i just dont know what to do! I have really enjoyed my CD journey so far, but the further into it i get, and the closer to goal, the more emotionally distressing i'm finding everything!

I seem to be really happy one minute, then miserable the next....and once i'm in miserable mode, it seems to take a lot to get back out of it!

I've had depression before so i know this isnt a good sign.......

DH and i have had a couple of issues recently, my little girl is getting into tantrum mode, we have NO money at all (CD takes it all up lol), i started a new job 2 months ago and they are pulling me in so many directions i dont know what i'm supposed to be doing, i'm just always so tired.....then there is the body image issue.....i just hate looking at my body, i hate all the excess skin, the flab, the stretch marks....its literally EVERYWHERE....i have a scar on my right breast and arm from a scald when i was 18 months old, so that has limited growth to one breast anyway, but my boobs are both so different...they just hang really odd now and i hate them....i hate every inch of my "new" body....more so than when i was fat.

I have stretch marks and excess skin on my arms, my breasts, my stomach('s), my lady bits and my thighs.....and it makes me feel so uncomfortable! I lie in bed flat on my back and i have a super pretend figure, then lie on my side and everything just flops...its like being a size 18 all over again, except when i was an 18, i knew it would be like that....but at a size 12....i thought it would have rapidly reduced by now!
Am i going to have to spend thousands on surgery to get rid of this feeling?

I just feel like its all getting on top of me at the moment! Sorry to dump this on you all but i'm just chasing my tail thinking about it all!

What on earth do i do????

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Have you considered surgery to get rid of the skin? I read somewhere that if your BMI was over 40 and you get to a healthy weight then you qualify for it on the NHS. Or if the skin is causing sores or discomfort. It's worth asking your doctor anyway, if you feel comfortable with that route.


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Hi LizzMB, this is so related to CD, the body issue's you have I can relate to and I would imagine lots of men and women on here do too.

Firstly losing weight so quickly can make your excess skin look worse, my understanding is that after a few months the skin tightens and look better. Massaging with body lotion or oils can help.

Secondly why not ask your GP what the cosmetic options are? You may decide not to have it but discussing it wiht someone might help to put it into perspective.

And lastly, have you considered therapy/couselling? I know it has helped me, you can get reffered from GP or look for cheap/free couselling in your area, trainee cousellors do very cheap therapy and have excellent supervsion etc.

Hope that's helped, you look so pretty in your picture.. and your weight loss is inspirational, imagine how much healthier you are now!

Big hugs :hug99:


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Sorry to hear you are feeling unhappy at the moment. I think the excess skin is a classic symptom of cd, losing the weight so quickly does have it's disadvantages!
I have noticed that my skin elasticity could be a lot better, the skin on my stomach feels less than firm and my boobs have lost a lot of volume. And I have only lost a bit of weight compared to others on here!
If you really feel unhappy about things it may be worth a trip to see your GP


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Ooh sorry haven't finished, as I was saying make an appointment to see your doctor and see if they can come up with any suggestions. You might qualify for a surgical proceedure on the NHS.


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Hi Lizz :)
Firstly, well done on your loss. Amazing! :)
I have saggy, boobs, tummy etc and I'm generally more wobbly all over. I totally relate to the 'shift' when I lay on my side too!
I have read that it can take your skin a year to catch up with the weight loss and that dermatologists have recommended basic cocoa butter to help.
Hard as it is, I think you may just need to give your body(and mind) enough time to adjust.
Keep reminding yourself how far you have come and all the benefits of weighing less must have given you. In short, focus on the positives and if, after an adjustment period, you're still unhappy then have a chat with your GP :)
Good luck :)

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