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ok im gonna have a rant..SORRY..i have 3 children and split with thier dad about 4 years HE WAS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE but we wanted different things..i then met my current partner tony we have been together 3 years.my nan mary raised me as my mum didnt want me and my nan died 2 years ago at which time my childrens dad got throat cancer and died this year in january at 28.. when my nan passed my current partner tony changed he started hitting me calling me names daily this has gone on for years and i gained 6 stone while iv been with him. iv lost the love of my life and my nan my best friend yet this man insists on hitting me calling me names.he does it when kids are in bed.. for 3 years i hid lost my friends lost my confidence i went insecure and hated myself. i wore charity shop clothes the same shoes for two years and didnt brush my hair.. BUT tonyt he went to hit me and you no what.. I LOOKED HIM IN THE EYE AND SAID IF YOU HIT ME ONE MORE TIME IL KILL YOU.. he looked shocked and stood back i then said I AINT UGLY I AINT A NOBODY GET THE F...K OUT OF MY HOUSE OR IL CALL THE POLICE.. hes now gone.. this diet has given me my confidence and life back and i wanna thank you all for being here daily for me you truly have changed my life im crying writng this but happy to..FINALLY ITS JUST ME AND THE KIDS AND MY CONFIDENCE XXX:cry:
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oh hotty you made me cry AGAIN... this time for a completely different reason though.

you truly are one in million. keep being strong and dont let any more f***ers into your life!

well done on having the strength to fight the bully.

all my love and best wishes xxx
Congratulations on turfing him out, I'm delighted you have got your confidence back

Today is the start of your new life :)
That's just made me cry to!!

Can't tell how just how fab it is that you've had the strength to chuck him out...please please don't let him back into your life. You will be totally fine and will be so glad once everythings settled down that you've made this decision. lots and lots of hugs xxxxxxx


French Honey
Well done you, I am so glad that CD gave you the strength to tackle other problem areas in your life. You are so brave, and so strong and your children are going to really benefit from their new Mum. You must feel so proud of yourself.

You can't change the past or bring back those loved ones, but you can certainly take steps to a new life; one which brings you happiness in other ways. It sounds as though those first few steps formed into a giant kick, but what the Heck, it's skipping steps to a new life from now on eh?


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No one is entitled to abuse you physically or emotionally. Well done for standing up to the bully and getting him out of your (and your kids) life. My ex was/is an alcoholic and as such i too suffered both forms of abuse. It is not acceptable that anyone treats another human being in this way.

Well done to you and good luck with a happier life now.
I just want to echo everyone's thoughts here, well done on getting out you did the right thing. I know exactly how you feel and am so pleased you had that strenght to get out of that relationship.:)


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made me cry!
keep him out. for u and ur kids sake.
and welcome to ur new life!!!

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