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Confused & a bit gutted


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I gained this week. 1.5lb, which I realise is not much but I don't understand why I've gained. I've stuck to plan 100%. I've done s mixture of ee & green, I've had 10 syns a day, eaten my healthy extras and eaten my 1/3 superfree.

The only places I can see that may have been the problem are that I stayed at my parent's at weekend, but stayed on plan, I took a cool bag full of sw essentials with me! I didn't eat as much as I normally would as I was quite busy. I did have a takeaway, it was a special chow mein which I synned as a double portion as the full carton felt very heavy. Worked out as 15 which was ok as I'd had no syns the rest of the day.

Now here's the part I don't get- I've lost an inch round my waist and my clothes are looser! I've not upped my exercise at all, so I don't think it's to do with exercise.

I'm doing a food diary starting tomorrow and I'm writing everything down. This happened last time I did and I gave up, this time I won't. It's my first gain since I started in jan.
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Sometimes this happens, did you have a good loss last week? Is it star week? Nevermind, cause if you keep sticking to plan it will come off, promise!
Could it possibly because you were busy that you actually didnt eat enough food.

I feel like i've eaten everything today, but i'm barely at 1200 cals apparently, even though i'm at full syns and have eaten lots of snacks :O

sometimes these things just happen, and water retention ect can always effect these things sometimes. I STS for two weeks sticking to plan and then lost 4lbs the next week! Sometimes our bodies work in weird ways.

Just don't get disheartened and give up! you can do it!



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Last week I lost 3lb which is a lot for me, I've not lost that much since my 2nd week. Not star week.

I suspect that I didn't eat enough, I was off work last week so quite often I didn't have my mid morning snack & a smaller lunch & breakfast than I would have done when working.

Thank you for your replies, it's just so frustrating, I did a lot of resisting throughout the week. There's been cakes and goodies in work all week so far and there will be loads today!

The good news is I've started my food diary and im determined not to let this sabotage me:)


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It is so dishearteneing when this happens, please stay on plan and the weight loss will show on the scales. I have had this happen to me recently and was so upset. I went to boots and weighed myself on their scales they also take your fat percentage. i weighed myself 8 days later and although i weighed the same my fat percentage had reduced by 3%. It just goes to show that our bodies may burn the fat but hold onto water. The scales will reflect all your hard work if you just stick with it.


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I hope it shows next week. We had a buffet for the wedding at work today & I took my lunch as none of it was on plan apart from some grapes! Im quite proud of myself, off home now for a green tea of quorn burger & sw chips:)

It's frustrating but I promised myself when I started that if I hit a wall, plateaued or got an unexpected gain that I would not give up. I also found today that I didn't feel any urge whatsoever to eat pork pies and the like, I think my tastes are changing by following the plan.

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