Confused and more confused, need help


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Hi everyone
I have got myself into a totally confused state. I have 9kg to go to goal, my original goal of 60kg at 5ft 1 tall, but I am being told to revise my goal up to 64kg but that puts me over the healthy bmi. This for some reason is really doing my head in, i feel like the goal posts are moving all the time. Whats more, I have stayed the same this week, and that just makes the whole goal thing further away. I suspect i am becoming a little depressed about the diet (lots of other work stuff happening too) and I am really looking forward to finishing and moving up the plans, but also dreading it. I have my long term strategies in place, WW etc to maintain. At one point it looked like I might make a goal (well, in between the two above) for the 4th Dec, when I go to a music festival which would have been a huge deal for me - confidence to dance and enjoy myself knowing what I had achieved, but know I think I need to revise my set dates for Christmas time. Sorry everyone, I am totally flummoxed and getting into a spiral of downward thinking. I can stick tot he diet no problems, just wish it was progressing my weight. I can see my final figure in there now, but still have fat to get off, just from specific parts now instead of al over. My cdc is lovely, and has advised setting the higher goal, but this still puts me down as overweight! What can i do to make my mind up and get myself there? I am dying to get back into serious exercise too.
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Hey Kikuka, sounds like you've got yourself into a bit of a state right enough. Calm down, you have done fantastically well - look at the weight you've lost to get where you are. Has your cdc said why she wants to shift your target? I think that if you have a set goal in mind and that it doesnt take you into an unhealthy weight range then you should stick with what you are comfortable with. I know its not much help at all, and I hope others on here will be able to offer nuggets of wisdom, but I'd say have another talk with your cdc and tell her how you're feeling about things. But also, stick with it, you are so close and I know you say that you can stick to the diet no problem so just keep doing that. Look at this weeks stay the same as a minor blip and you'll move again next week. I think its comendable that you are so focused and that you already have your maintenance strategy in place, you are an inspiration so please dont get depressed about things, just hang on in there and think of the fantastic Christmas present you could have - the figure and weight you really want and deserve!


Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
My cdc is suggesting 64kg as she thinks 60 will be too low based on how she feels i look now at 69kg. As much as i would love to be magically 4kg closer to target, I cant help thinking that after all this hard work I should be aiming for what I have never been - a healthy weight. I suppose i could wait and see how i feel, but i always operate better with a proper goal if you see what i mean. Also have this thing about getting their 'proper' and dont want to have a psychological obstacle if i dont feel i have 'won' but settled for second best. Dont want to be scrawney either! Might have felt better if was not stalled i suppose. Thanks for your kind words though, they help a lot


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Hi Kikuka,

My sister has just lost 3 stones on LL and I know she felt the same as you, to get to the healthy weight range and also feel you have a few lbs or Kilos to work with at goal weight. A few people commented on how 'skinny' she is looking but she is a clothes size 10 and to me looks the same as she did when she was 20 because she was that size for years! Her BMI is healthy and she has never looked or felt better.

I would say do what suits you, you sound very level headed and aware and are absolutely inspirational to me.. well done!

Sarah x