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Confused as to what meats are free!


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It says in the book that ham without the fat is free, but if you look in the food directory not all ham is free, even the wafer thin ones??? I dont understand that. Also bacon is free but is Tesco's Healthy Living bacon free? it has all the fat cut off. Its not in the directory either. I've been doing red days since wednesday and I am enjoying it but I've been really confused with whats free and whats synned etc. It says in the book only lean cuts of meat are free and if you cut all visible fat of the meat, it is free. How true is this???
In theory I could buy all cuts of meat, poulty, hams etc and just cut the fat off, is this ok???
Are there any red day experts out there who can hellp me please before I drive myself mad :D?
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Yup! All meat with no fat is free! Enjoy! You can only eat so much so it's self limiting. The only thing is you can't have corned beef any more, or the likes of spam/ chopped pork/luncheon meat,and smoked mackerel is syned.


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A lot of the problem with the wafer thin stuff is some of the time it is 'reformed' so on times it wont be free (I was gutted to find out the Tesco wafer thin roast chicken wasn't free as I use to eat it by the handful! I think they add sugar for the 'roast' flavouring)

I've looked at it so far as if you buy the natural forms of the meat and cut the fat off its free, its when companies start fiddling with it that you need to double check :)


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I can only reiterate what everyone else has said. Aslong as it has no fat and is not reformed then it is free. I do red most of the time and tend to stick to fresh cuts, or the Morrisons eat smart range of ready to eat meats is quite good. Hope that helps hun xx


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Thanks that has really put my mind at rest, I was worried I was going to do it wrong.


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Most of it will be, especially if it's come from one 'block' of meat which doesn't look like it's been reformed! Hard to say sometimes, but I think most of the deli counter stuff is better quality than what comes in the packets.

As for the packets of ham, I tend to buy Bernard Matthews 97% fat free wafer thin cooked ham - it's free on red/EE, but the wafer thin turkey ham is 1 syn per 100g!
ah right thankyou so much for that, im enjoying red days atm and need stuff to snack on in the day, its a shame haslet isnt free as i bloody love the stuff, but will deffo be getting some meat cuts next time x

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