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Well yesterday I had a keytone of +1 and then +2. This morning I had trace. This afternoon I have -. What's going on? This is what I have eaten since starting Atkins on Monday - is it suitable for induction or am I missing something?! I am sure I have not had loads of carbs (except my a piece of my son's b-day cake) - but I have already 'fessed to that!


2 eggs, scrambled with spinach (75g)
50g grapes
1 stick celery
Steak with spinach and mushrooms (75g and 50)
2 lts water


125g smoked salmon
3 pieces chicken, handful salad
Chocolate cake (OOPS!)
2 lts water


2 Pork loins, 2 eggs, scrambled, spinach (75g)
Steak, spinach (75g)
2.5 lts water


2 eggs, scrambled, smoked salmon (60g) and 1 chicken breast.
Plain tuna (100g)
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I am only new to this, but I can only assume maybe it was the cake? doesnt look to be anything else there that would have brought you out of keto??
I am eating loads more than you! Are you not starving all the time!!?


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Hi ThinLizzy.. Don't think it'd be the cake because that was Tuesday and I tested positive yesterday - so I was in ketosis after the cake... So confused, just don't know where I went wrong :(
And no, I am not hungry all the time - sometimes I feel peckish but I think that is more out of bordeom than anything else. :)

I want ketosis back!!


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I should think the cake has knocked you out of ketosis. It'll take a few days to get back into to it. Most people only take 2-3 days but some take longer. I wouldn't worry too much - just get back on plan and drink loads of water

Food Item:Grapes, red or green, raw
Food Quantity: 10 grapes
Carbs: 9g
Dietary Fiber: 0.5g
Net Carbs: 8.5g


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omg i never even noticed the grapes!


Fed up of being fat!
Hi Gemsie

I'd ditch the grapes & chocolate cake (Although sounds yummy) :p..

I think as it take a few days to hit ketosis, it may take a day or 2 to show the grapes/cake effects.. test again tomorrow & i hope you'll be there again..

Stick with it :)


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I didn't realise grapes had so many carbs! They're defo out my fridge in a minute. Hopefully tomorrow I'll hit ketosis again. :)
im also going to point out that on most of the days listed you have not eaten 3 meals per day, you HAVE to eat when your hungry and at least 3 times a day otherwise your body is going to think your hungry and store its fat!

defo grapes and cake and upping your water wouldnt hurt either,

its a learning curve hun, it gets easier, ditch the ketostix and wait for the weight to fall off xx
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If you test all through the day you're obviously going to get differant levels of ketones due to them being diluted with all the water we're supposed to drink. Just test in the morning and see what it shows up.


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I tested this morning and got what was clearly a pink then I tested tonight and was back to beige :(
I was using the old out of date sticks tho....hopefully my new ones will arrived tomorrow....also the wee was VERY diluted as I had drunk LOADS of water not long before.x
I think you all fret too much over the sticks to be honest girls.


Call me Linzi...
I think you all fret too much over the sticks to be honest girls.
Amen to that Jim!!

Ketostix are not designed for testing for ketosis, they are for diabetics to check for ketoacidosis so they will never be accurate for people using them to check for ketosis!!

How hydrated you are will have a big impact on the readings on the sticks.. first thing in the morning they will show darker as you'll be dehydrated & as you drink more they will get paler... you can even show beige when yr still in ketosis if your body is hydrated enough!

Ketosis is like prenancy... you either are or aren't!! There is no trace!

If you have smelly breath, can taste metal, glow in the dark pee, sticking to yr 20g carbs (read the stickies so you have the right foods) & are losing weight and/or inches then its working...

well done yr [STRIKE]pregnant[/STRIKE] I mean in ketosis!! :D
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Lol. So I gather you dont think much of the sticks then Ditzee :D

I've never really thought of using them because I know if I didnt get the result I wanted I'd probably get disheartened and give up.

I prefer to judge by what the scales and my clothes tell me.

If I'm losing weight and inches I know it's working if I'm not then it's not.

I can understand why some people want the extra reassurance though :D
i havent bought ketostix either....

i HAVE however dropped a size!!!! WOOP


Call me Linzi...
my sticks are always darker in the morning and get lighter as the day goes on. wont be buying them again though as i know what im doing now. well i think i know what im doing :D
we all got drunk and had a rock band party last night. the ketostix came in to discussion. had everyone peeing on them and comparing them all. was so funny.

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