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Confused over carbs!


I am getting all confused over carb values, can anyone help?

For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs (1g) made with sweetner (1g)

For lunch I had burgers made with mince beef (does this have any carbs??) and an ounce of blue cheese (0.4g) and a salad with 50g cos lettuce and 50g cucumber (1.5g) and oil and vinegar dressing (0.5g)

For dinner I will probably have some ort of meat and salad again, and prob a couple of ounces of cheddar as a snack.

My confusion is, how on earth will I ever get to 20g of carbs a day if this is a typical day? Or am I counting the carbs completely wrong and I have actually had too many carbs? Is it a bad thing if I don't have enough carbs? I'm so confused, please help!:confused:

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all seems fine to me to up the carbs you need to eat leafy greens i eat cabbage and brocoli and asparagus also a lot of us use a web site called myfitnesspal.com
this is a usefull site and you can list every thing you eat and it works out carbs fat cals and protein for you hope this helps


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Why not add extras like mayo and other sauces to get your carb intake up a bit :)
great, thanks for the advice guys! much appreciated. I had some roasted peppers with dinner to bump it up a bit, adding mayo is a good idea too, the book says shop bought ones are the wrong king of oil so i guess i will have to make some, unless anyone knows of a brand that is ok to use?


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hm I'm not sure Lou I just get the full fat ones from Tesco, I'm not really much of an aspiring cook so it does the trick :) xx
i buy normal non diet full fat mayo, bought hellmans this week as its on offer, could be own brand though, i dont look that closely.

if you need to bump up your carbs try and do it with greens (salad/veg) if your plate is full and you know your note going to eat that lol then whack on some mayo....

luckily i can eat mayo with ANYTHING haha
Hi Lou, Tesco own brand full fat is fine love. and Yes, don't forget to eat loads of lovely green veggie leaves. :)

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