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Confused!! What now?

Hi everyone. This is only my second post but I've been lurking for weeks and would like to say a big thankyou to you all as this site has kept me sane and SSing on many a dark day!
A bit of background before I tell you my predicament.
I've been SSing since 24th April and have lost 2st 9lbs. I started on Lipotrim and lost 1st 4lbs in 3 weeks without cheating once, then changed to CD as it was far more convenient location wise, cheaper, and a whole lot tastier!
My losses on CD haven't been brilliant, generally 3lbs a week but that is with a certain amount of mucking about and cheating as I'm finding it really really hard. Anyhow I decided that this week I was gonna go for it, SS for a full 7 days and see what I could achieve, it nearly killed me but I did it. Today was weigh in and I lost 2lbs, yes 2lbs! I am devastated. It's not TOTM, nor is there any other reason why I would be retaining water, so I just can't understand it.
Every week I live weigh in to weigh in and vow that every week is my last, but have always found 1 more week in me somewhere. Not this week. I've jacked it in. I didn't buy any packs and have eaten bad foods all day.
The trouble is I don't know where to go from here. I feel like I've been cast adrift!
Sorry for the very long post, but I'm panicking a bit, I'm terrified of putting any weight back on, as I've struggled to lose every pound, like everyone else on here.
Any advice would be most welcome.

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Call me Nicky xx
Hi Sue, I would recommend moving to a meal plan like WW or SW as you can eat a lot and still lose weight. There is alot of information in the other threads so have a think and investigate other options. At the end of the day it's takes time to find the right diet for you, if CD isn't that diet then there are many other choices you can make. Take Care and Good luck xx


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Please don't give up, you have done so so well to date and this is a set back yes but it's not the end..if you have always found it in you to do just one more week try another week and see what your loss is. On any diet the losses flucuate and it could just be that, a flucuation and if you continue you could have a big loss next week. Draw a line under today and start afresh tomorrow, you can do it. It is more than likely your body getting used to the new diet, holding onto water or many other factors. I feel for you as i know how disheartening it is to think you have done so well but the scales not show it but that is where diets usually fail for the majority, don't let this get the better of you. You can overcoem this hurdle.xx
dont give up ! keep at it - excercise might help speed up the loss ? keep going - as you will loose whatever you have achieved very quickly - try a higher plan ? then go back to SS
Hi Nicky.
I know I sound really negative, but these are both diets I've tried in the past, not very successfully. My first week at ww I lost half a pound and at sw I lost 1lb! I did them 100%, so don't think these are the ones for me. Thanks for the suggestions though.
hiya, 1st thing is dont give up hun.

have you been having any bars/mouse's/water flavourings/chewing gum during the week..if so id suggest cutting it all out and back to basics, I cant imagine how unhappy you were to only lose 2lbs. Have you mesured yourself maybe you have lost more inches? How much weight have you left to lose?
Thanks so much for all your replies, once again this site is giving me the support that friends and family can't, as they simply don't understand.
I'm not sure exactley how much I still need to lose as I've never had an end goal, I've just been getting through each week. I'm 5ft 1 and today at weigh in was 11st and a quarter of a pound! Especially gutting as I was sure I was gonna be 10 st something today! My friend is also doing CD and we weigh in together and have been calling this week the 7 day, 5lb challenge. She cracked on Wednesday and ate loads of carbs, but met the challenge with a 5lb loss!!!!! I think I went into a bit of a sulk with the unfairness of it all!
I have been having the water flavouring but no mousse or chewing gum, I just don't understand it.
aww some people are just lucky like that. I think maybe it is because you havent much weight left to lose its prob your body telling you to stop!!! which plan are you on?maybe its time you moved up another step that might help lose another bit, what is your bmi now?
sorry im not much help hun

becky xxxx
You're a great help Becky! I'm looking for a magic wand, thats the trouble! My BMI was 29 last week. I think I probably need to lose another 2 stone and I'm going on holiday at the end of August and wanted to feel ok in my cossie by then. Now I'm scared I've peaked too soon and I'm gonna pile it all back on before I go.


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S: 15st1lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st7lb(3.32%)
just think of it this way if you dont carry on then you may put back on weight before your holiday.
2lbs off is defo better than 2lbs on!

if you really feel like cambridge is just not working for you maybe try ww or sw?


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Have a look at my weekly losses (and gains) and I've almost 100% stuck to CD SS. I've never had carbs of any description since january.
I've been on holiday and had garlic mushrooms and mixed grill, omlette, cheese, salad etc. Sometimes gains or small losses are because its time of the month, constipation, chewing gum - I've had most of the reasons.
I'm glad i've kept going because all the 1lb's add up.
I think you've done great. I'd be happy with 2lb this far down the line.
Good luck whatever you decide to do.


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S: 15st1lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st7lb(3.32%)
thats why maybe trying ww or sw for a couple of weeks its cheaper and if you find that its not for you you can always have another go a cd

Out bodies fluctuate on a daily basis by as much as 2-3 lbs, this is mainly due to fluid and how much water we are holding. The CD will give average losses of 3 - 31/2lbs a week. The problem is, the scales don't just measure your body fat, they measure your weight, which is entirely different. Your weight is your bones, lean tissue, water and body fat. Imagine standing on the scales with a litre of water in your hand, you would show a gain of apprx 2lb, this doesn't mean you have put on 2lbs, your body fat is still the same, but you are just holding on to some water. You had a 2lbs loss, which is great, you will still have melted apprx 3lbs worth of fat, but for some reason be harding on to an extra 1lb of water. Try not to get too hung up on your weekly losses, look at them over the month and you will see that you more or less do the stone a month that CD state.

I hope this info helps x
I would also be disappointed to only lose 2lbs as CD is a hard diet to stick to, but I would be more disappointed not to have tried at all! I worked out that CD costs approx £5.40 a day for everything we eat and drink. Thats not bad is you work out how much you would normally spend on food and drink, take aways going out etc. I am sure if you stuck with it for a few more weeks, 100%, that you would see an increase in weight loss. you said in your first post that you lost on average 3lb a week but that was with a 'certain amount of mucking about'. This 2lb loss probably means your body is thinking its going to starve so is holding on to more that it would normally?? I dont know, but I do know that if you went into the shop today and bought 2lbs of lard, spread them over the part of your body you dont like the most and looked at it in the mirror, you would realise what a great achievment 2lbs is! Dont give up on yourself, you deserve to keep going and you will kick yourself if you stop now. Even if you 'only' lost 2lb a week to your holiday, thats a stone off......if CD isnt for you then dont force it, but dont give up whatever you decide to follow. good luck x


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Hey. You are doing brilliantly! Good that the other diets might be, if you've stuck to CD and lost 2lbs, then there is a very good chance you would have had a gain this week on the other diets.

So why the 2lbs. It could be all sorts of reasons. Water retention, scales playing up...blah blah. Bodies are weird things:rolleyes:

With a BMI of 29, SS will work for you. You could have a fantastic loss next week. I know...it's disheartening, but you just can't tell what's going on.

So if you find SS too hard, especially since you've had the smaller loss this week, try SS+ rather than SS with the 'cheats'. Whatever way, it will work...just keep on plodding.

This certainly wouldn't be a good time to change diets. You're managing just fine. The 7 days of SS prove that. Just got to convince the scales that now :D
Once again, thanks everyone for your support and helpful replies, if only I'd logged on at tea time......
Decided last night that I was gonna pull myself out of it and get straight back on it this morning.
I started with black coffee and 2 litres of water through the morning. I kept myself busy and had a shake at about 1.30. I've enough packs to see me through till weds morning and was gonna ring my CDC and arrange to pick some up from her.
Disaster struck at about 5,o,clock. Before I knew what had happened I'd eaten 4 chocolate digestive biscuits and its been all downhill from there.
I am distgusted at myself. I feel fat and bloated and didn't enjoy anything I ate.
I now think I might have blown my one golden chance at SSing. This hasn't happened before, once I've decided to do it I've done it until I made a concious decision to stop, now I feel totally out of control.
It seems to be going from bad to worse.
Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time at the moment, however you are not alone, I am struggling also. Little cheats every day add up to quite abit by weigh in day.

Today however I have decided to change how I am doing SS, I am going to SS+ so that I can have milky coffee, feels like a treat and also weigh out each sachet into 2 meals. I am going to use 200ml water with each half so I have 6 meals during the day. Hopefully this will keep my interest up and will power going.

Why not try this. I will let you know tomorrow how this felt and hope to see you had a positive day. I also got a dress out of my wardrobe that is far too tight and hung it where I can see it most of the day to remind me.

good luck for today

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