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Confused with carb counts

Hi guys. I am going on hols end of next week and thought I would try to count carbs and eat an atkinst style diet, as for me SS is not sustainable on holiday. I figured that if I looked up the Atkins diet and counted my carbs I would minimise and hopefully negate any weight gain. My idea was to have my two shakes in morning and lunch and then to have an Atkins evening meal (which seems quite unrestricted as to amounts as long as you eat protein and reduced amount of certain vegetables) I figured that if my carb intake did not add up to more than the atkins levels, I would still stay in ketosis but be able to have the freedom to eat with friends etc. On looking at the Atkins diet is says no more than 20g carb per day on induction and 30g per day after that. Well, from the nutritional information of a CD shake, each shake is 14.1g of carb. Therefore if I ate two shakes a day I would be able to eat nothing else. From this, it made me wonder,how we can eat three or four shakes a day and still stay in ketosis, as 4 shakes a day is 56.5g carb per day - way over the levels that Atkins says for sustaining ketosis. Help, I am sooo confused.
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CD takes you into mild ketosis.

Atkins induction is only for a couple of weeks. It's quite severe.

If you wanted to do the two shakes, then you could still add protein like meat and fish which is pretty much carb free


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HOn looking at the Atkins diet is says no more than 20g carb per day on induction and 30g per day after that.
BTW Might be wrong, but I think most Atkiners increase their carbs higher than 30g. They find their own level as every person is different. I've heard of low carbers that stay in ketosis on up to 100g
On Atkins you start on 20 g carbs for the first 2 weeks and then you start to builld on carbs. Atkins never suggested a level for ketosis as this level is different for everyone. I am really not sure what would happen if you ate 2 packs per day and then other carbs up to the 56g you would be having on CD as CD also calorie restricts and low carb diets do not. You may gain weight even whilst staying in ketosis, bbut my guess is that you will maintain. However I can tell you (having done it myself) that if you do eat 2 meals of low carb, moderate fat AND you cheat you will gain VERY quickly. Good luck

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hun, if your going to be having your 2 packs of cd a day... then have a low carb evening meal any meat, cheese and fish is ok.. (no fat) .
Be very careful with this, you should really try to have the same amount of fat you would get in 4 packs per day. Atkins is not a high protein diet, it is a low carb, moderate protein/fat diet. You have the problem of mixing 2 diets here but they achieve the state of ketosis using different routes and they are essentially not compatible. You will do yourself no harm doing it for a short time but I would not want anyone to take home the message that this would be an acceptible way to eat long term - actually you could end up malnourished.


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