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Confused with people!!

Just had to ask..? I've not lost a lot of weight compared to a lot of you on here, just 2 and half stone from size 16/18 to a 12. I have sort of hibernated a bit while i've done it but this month have been out a lot. I have had loads of good comments from people/friends which (I know its self focussed and utterly vain) its great! I went to a 'do' last nite and saw some 'friends' I hadn't seen for ages and no-one said a word. Is this me being arrogant and wanting people to notice or is it not that noticable. Its bizarre! I saw a woman the other day from my old WW class and she was all uppity with me, saying well what have I done??? I just find it weird and don't know how to handle people I find it hard to take compliments but feel offended when people don't notice!!! Is it just me??.......
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I've had similar reactions - people I expect to notice haven't! With me, I have more weight to lose and have only told a couple of people that I'm doing Cambridge so maybe some people haven't said anything to me in case they aren't sure that I'm on a diet and don't want to offend me if they are wrong!
I just wanted to say well done - your gallery pics are fab!

I get a bit embarassed by people mentioning my weight loss, I just prefer the comments like, 'wow, love your dress/boots/hair etc' - a lot easier to handle than 'my god, you've lost weight' and I don't have to explain myself (there's no easy way to explain Cambridge without me sounding like a lunatic for following it). Had works Christmas do the other week, and someone I'd not seen in a while just said they didn't recognise me, which felt pretty good.
A lot of people see a change but they dont know what that change actually is, I lost 4st and someone asked me if Id had my hair cut!!!
People's reactions are very unpredictable, aren't they? Some are so supportive, but a couple of my good friends went straight into 'you won't overdo it, will you?' mode, and my eldest daughter didn't notice last time she was here (though she's not the most observant person and I was still wearing my old clothes).

I guess a lot of people are pretty self-obsessed and only look at your weight loss in relation to themselves. Some might be a bit jealous (yeah!- hope so!) or find the new you some sort of competition...

Certainly sorts your friends out! Happy Christmas!


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It seems that if you have loads to lose (which you don't), then 3 stone seems to be a point when people really start noticing without being told.

I didn't tell anyone I was dieting, and nobody commented, then all of a sudden, when I had lost 3 stone, the whole world seemed to pass comment;)

It shows more when you have less to lose, so I'm a little surprised nobody has mentioned anything Lilly. It'll come though. You can bank on it.

I lost 4st and someone asked me if Id had my hair cut!!!

:D that happened to me too. The kids at school didn't notice until I had lost 5 stone, then they thought I'd had my hair done.

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Hmmm.....some people don't like to mention it in case you think they're being rude. If someone says "Wow, you've lost weight - you look great!" sometimes they think that implies that you were a) fat and b) didn't look great before. Weight is SUCH a personal issue with SO many people (myself included) that sometimes its better to say nothing than risk offending!! A few people have said to me (when I've said to them "Haven't you noticed how much weight I've lost???") "we didn't like to say anything in case you hadn't lost weight, or maybe that you'd been ill."

Go up to them, celebrate your loss and flaunt it! You've done brilliantly!


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You look absolutely fabulous!

No-one could possibly not realise you have lost weight - the change is amazing!

Some folks are just plain jealous - that is top and bottom of it.

Enjoy your new figure!!

You look great! People are just jealous. Some people find it hard to be pleased for others if they need to lose weight themselves.
How tall are you? You look more like a size 8-10 to me.
Lilly, I found my 20 weeks of SSing the weirdest experience. Virtually no one noticed my weight loss until I had lost over 5 stone and then they thought I had miraculously lost it overnight! I don't understand why...I sometimes think people expect you to be big and see you thru 'fat goggles'

I decided early on I was doing this for me, so no one else's opinion mattered, so this kept me strong. I knew I looked better! So, you are doing great, don't let it derail you!
Thanks guys its soooo interesting aint it! Fit - i'm 5.4 deffo nowhere near size 8/10!!! maybe next year!!!! haha Got my head round it now no longer annoyed. Thanks to you all for sharing.



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You look absolutely fab in your new pics, love that top!

I think although you can definately see the difference in your size, you had a very good hourglass figure, even when you were bigger, so people probably didnt see you as being as big as you felt?

(If that makes any sense) lol
I lost 6 stone on lighterlife last year, reaching goal (or nearly goal) in December, just as all the Christmas parties were kicking off, so I had ample opportunity to show off my fab new figure. It was a great time of year for me, and then a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my first child, so I look back on this time last year as one of the best times of my life.

Strangely, as I went down the sizes and reached goal, my boss, a 40 year old male, did not utter a single word about my changing appearance. Was he being an ass? No, I dont think so - he obviously thought was irrelevant, because part of my role was not to be slim and gorgeous, it was to help him run is practice smoothly.

At our divisional xmas do I won an "oscar" (theme was "a night at the movies") for "most extreme makeover". A little later he staggered up to me and slurred "you look bloody fantastic". He was obviously too shy to say anything sober!

So that was nice, but with compliments come back handed compliments. I think one of the worst ones is quite a simple blunder of words "wow, you look fantastic, like a completely different person". They mean well, but what really does that say if you take it literally?

You just have to take it in your stride - you are doing this for yourself, nobody else, and belive it or not after a while you may actually get sick of compliments! There were times when I felt like screaming "is there not more to me than how I look?"

But its all good really.


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I have had a few "have you had your hair cut?" comments lately and they seem surprised when I say no, I have lost some weight. I can't see how they can't notice that I have lost over 5 Stone but there you go. You have done brilliantly and we all know that it isn't a walk in the park doing this type of diet.
I just take it in my stride now and if folk want to comment I listen to the good and zone out on the not so complimentary.
I feel good and that is why I did this, not for everyone else.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks guys for talking - we are in world of our own aren't we?!

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