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Confused :-( x


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Well i am due for my weigh in tommorrow, and i am pleased with how much weight i have lost so far, but i am really struggling now all i want is to eat and feel normal again, to sit down with my children like a family and talk like we used to, to be able to accept invites and go without feeling hard done by... I dont know why i have felt like this all week, maybe its because i am off to Majorca soon and know i will be coming off the diet, so will be restarting then? I really want to eat fruit and veg, God i miss my veggies so much, to have my some toast with marmalade (not that i have had it for years) and eat healthy food. I am almost half way through this diet, and it has been amazing but my head just isnt in it at the moment and its becoming torture, i am seeing my cdc tommorrow and she what she suggests, sorry for the negative post x x
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I do feel for you, this happens to me every now and again. I get cravings for cheese and biscuits, chip butties all things which I never used to touch normally. :confused: I am sure its our bodies crying out for carbs to replenish our fat stocks....well its not having any:D.
Hang on in there though and it will pass:)
K8te, I had cravings for crispy cos lettuce and celery of all things!! Promise yourself that when you go on your holiday you will allow yourself nice food, but until then you have to be good. You still have 10 days (or is it less than that now?) to lose as much as you possibly can....think how fantastic you're going to feel when you go on your holiday knowing that you're 30lbs lighter (WOW) than you would have been if you hadn't been on CD! I'd be so very proud of myself. xx


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keep at it honey. just take it one day at a time. i used to crave all the healthy things too... but once i let in the healthy things i wanted the unhealthy things...

you are doing fabulously. wait until a couple of days before your hols and then introduce your healthy foods so your system doesn't go into total shock. has your cdc recommended how to ease yourself into going away? i wouldn't go straight from ss to holiday as you could end up feeling really crappy. see what she says :)

abz xx


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Up your plan to SS+ so you can sit down with your family for an evening meal, the weight loss isnt that different, better than no CD at all, good luck im sure you can stay on track and get to goal
don't think of your post as negative, think of it as part of the journey...
We all go through ups and downs... and if all we ever read is positive, then we feel 'wrong' when we ourselves feel crappy....

I have cooked for the family, and sat down with them from the start this time, I'm not sure if it has helped or not. In my head I just think .. OK to get to where I want to be, I have to do it this route,, fior goodness sake I have checked out every other route and every short cut and I know they lead me right back to the beginning, so I will go this way, as hard as it is....
And on my way, whislt stumbling ocasionaly on the rocky ground, I will look to the left and the right and I will see the beautiful scenery ont he route, and as I look forward I will see all my rewards waiting for me....
We all have to do what we know will get us there and you have done so blooming well already....
Each one of you is my inspiration....
I can't give advice re your holiday I don't know how, (sucessful losers will do that ) but I do know that if you want to you can get through it with minimal damage because you are worth it!!!! And this isn't for you going to be a road that leads you back to the beginning...
Good luck...
Oh and have a great holiday...!
to sit down with my children like a family and talk like we used to, to be able to accept invites and go without feeling hard done by
There is nothing stopping you living your life the way you did before. Why should your life revolve around food, it should revolve around YOU!
Why can't you sit and eat porridge while they have their dinner and talk? And still accept all invites and go out and have fun! OK its hard when its to nice restaurants, but take your shake, drink lots of fizzy water and show people just how strong and determined you are! Focus on the result at the end and have a great holiday :)

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